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Family and Kids

Affordable Ranch Vacations for Your Family

Seeking an affordable and inexpensive dude ranch vacation across the West? Ranches of the DRA offer unmatched value in dude ranch vacations for families on a budget and for those who want to save money by getting all the adventure of twice-daily riding, fishing, kids programs, and 3 meals a day all for one price. Imagine how much more you would pay to piece together these activities in a Western town. On top of all the excursions, these all-inclusive vacations offer a little something extra by becoming a part of the family. Here are some of the DRA picks for the best budget and cost-effective ranch holidays. Want even more of a discount? Ask these ranches about rates for less-traveled times, large groups, and military.

Affordable Ranches

Red Rock Ranch

Near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Red Rock is a family-owned western dude ranch with polished amenities. Head to this authentic Wyoming guest ranch for a six-night stay and expect a flexible riding program, an outstanding kid’s program, two miles of private blue ribbon fly fishing, fantastic dining, hiking programs, heated pool, and corporate retreats to book the best value for your next family vacation.

Majestic Dude Ranch

Located in Mancos, Colorado next door to the Mesa Verde National Park offers an adventure vacation unique for its horseback riding locations, white water rafting and world-class mountain biking. From Sunday to Saturday you’ll get an affordable action-packed week of fun. Reserve your stay and they will also throw in your airport pick-up for cheap and by cheap, we mean free.

Hawley Mountain Ranch

Hawley Mountain offers unbeatable value for a Montana ranch vacation in the remote pristine wilderness north of Yellowstone National Park. A small guest capacity promises small and individualized horseback riding excursions and more personalized vacations for your individual needs. Would you like to go hiking, fly fishing on the Boulder River, scenic raft floats and a jeep ride to a real ghost town? Book Hawley Mountain for your bargain dude ranch. Here you’ll get all the bang for your buck.

Gros Ventre River Ranch

Sitting on the banks of the Gros Ventre River, the appropriately named Gros Ventre River Ranch of Wyoming looks up at the major peaks of the Teton Range. Reserve this view and you’ll adventure out on an all-inclusive and affordable week-long horseback riding adventure, specializing in beginner through advanced horseback riding.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Located in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains, Horshoe Canyon offers an authentic value for a family vacation with a splash of Southern charm. You’ll come for horseback riding across the mountains and among other things, enjoy rock climbing, canoeing and zip-lining to have a wide variety of adventures. They will even give you a bargain rate of 10% off of your next ranch vacation at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.

The Dude Ranchers’ Association

For more ranch vacations to suit every budget and affordable ranch holidays for your family, visit our website and use our find a ranch tool to find the ranch that’s just right for you.

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