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Dude Ranch 101

Escape the World of Technology and Social Media

Dude ranches where you’ll never miss the digital world…

We all know how consuming the digital world can be for everyone. We are here to help you escape from those devices and enjoy outdoor activities for a week! Living in a world where we have access to everything at our fingertips is a fantastic tool! It is just that, only a tool, we can certainly take a break from said tools. Many of our dude ranches stray away from the internet/wi-fi so you can enjoy every moment of family time and the ranch itself. You won’t miss a single important moment on your vacation.

Let’s dive into some of our member ranches that will give you the relief from the digital world you might be looking for in your next family vacation!


Hunewill Circle “H” Guest Ranchman on horseback Bridgeport, California

Hunewill Guest Ranch is located north of Yosemite National Park in the beautiful mountainous Bridgeport Valley of California. They are a family-owned operation with amazing horseback riding attractions along the trails. The Hunewill Guest Ranch has a variety of animals for you to see and several special cattle events during spring and fall seasons and help gather the cattle! The ranch also has many other activities for all the family members to enjoy! You’ll leave with many long-lasting friendships.

Red Horse Mountain Ranchkayaking on a riverHarrison, Idaho

Escape the digital world to the Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Idaho. You will get to choose from a variety of adventures each day for your family vacation. Let the kids enjoy the famous kids’ program at Red Horse, ages 3 and up, where they will create life-long memories. Endless amounts of outdoor activities like fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and more! Come join the Red Horse Mountain Ranch for your digital free vacation!

Hidden Hollow Hideaway Cattle & Guest Ranchgroup of people on horsebackTownsend, Montana

Have you always wanted to find some gold? Well, Hidden Hollow may be the perfect place for your vacation! One of the richest gold strikes ever is found in Montana within the ranch, you might get lucky and take some gold home with you. You’ll be able to horseback ride and view over 20,000 acres, varying anywhere from a 3-hour ride to a 7-hour ride, on cattle drives or to just view the historical sites of the ranch & wildlife. Let go of the digital world and visit the crew at Hidden Hollow Hideaway.

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranchgroup of people sitting on logsWinston, New Mexico

Explore the Gila National Forest while staying and enjoy all the Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch has to offer free from your technology! An all-inclusive stay with amazing southwest-style foods and cozy up by the campfire in the evenings to enjoy stargazing with the family!

Flat Creek Ranchpeople playing in a creekJackson, Wyoming

Looking to escape to the peaceful sound of the mountains and wildlife, then you’ll come to the right place at Flat Creek Ranch outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Enjoy the scenic drive through the National Elk Refuge from the airport to the ranch and find this true haven! Flat Creek Ranch is surrounded by the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area that will take you on guided trail rides through the Wilderness. If you and your family love fishing and being in the remote beauty of the backcountry, then this ranch is the answer to your dream of backcountry living while enjoying a cozy bed to sleep on.

Rimrock Ranchrafting at Rimrock RanchCody, Wyoming

Family-owned and operated ranch for over 60 years is located just outside of the famous Cody, Wyoming. They will offer a variety of activities for your family such as the famous Cody Nite Rodeo, a tour into Yellowstone National Park, full day or half-day rides and river rafting trips! And you can enjoy the swimming pool! There is so much to do that you won’t even think about reaching for your devices!

Lost Creek Ranchwoman getting a massage outdoorsMoose, Wyoming

You will want to put down your technology and enjoy all Lost Creek Ranch has to offer you and your family. Anywhere from the breathtaking views of the Grand Tetons, the multiple activities; horseback riding, children’s programs, shooting sports, and more! Lost Creek will accommodate large or small families with the exceptional lodging amenities they offer. Enjoy the spa services while taking in the beautiful views.

Make sure you escape the digital world of technology and social media occasionally and make the best of that time on vacation at one of our amazing member dude ranches. Trust us, you won’t regret spending and enjoying the present moment with your family experiencing ranch life. You can call us today at the Dude Ranchers’ Association at 307.587.2339 or email us at to find the best dude ranch for your next vacation!

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