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Dude Ranch 101

Why DRA Dude Ranches?

Dude ranches have always been the original Western vacation. Our first ranchers introduced the unique beauty of the American West to “dudes” from all over. All this happened in the best way possible: from the back of a horse. This horseback adventure was surrounded by honest and real Western hospitality that these dude ranch pioneers considered a part of the code of the west. True to our roots, The Dude Ranchers’ Association is still a diverse group, composed of cattle ranches, traditional dude ranches and luxury ranches, who all preserve the open warmth and hospitality of the first DRA ranches.

DRA Standards

For 97 years, the Dude Ranchers’ Association has set the standards for the very best dude ranch vacations in the Western United States. You could say the DRA is the “Good Housekeeping seal of approval” for the industry.  While some of the technical standards have changed over the years the heart and soul standards have not.

We believe the 6 core values our founding fathers had in mind are the same today as they were 97 years ago. Horses, Hats, Hospitality, Heritage, Honesty, and Heart.


Horses of course, are central to any dude ranch and at all DRA dude ranches there needs to be enough horses and tack to support the size of the ranch so every guest that wants to ride can. They need to be well cared for and attention needs to be paid to the safety of the horses as well as the guests. DRA ranch owners, managers, and staff all have a heart for this amazing way of life and are excited to share it with their guests.

Picking a Ranch

So, now you know what makes a DRA ranch the best, how do you find which DRA ranch is best for you and your family? That is easy, call the DRA office and one of our dude ranch experts will spend time with you finding out exactly what you and your family’s expectations are. We will help narrow down your choices based on location, ranch size, accommodations, riding programs, kids’ programs, lodging, food, and activities. We are fully committed to helping you find the perfect ranch as we know how important a family vacation is in today’s world!

Start planning your next dude ranch vacation by giving us a call or sending us an email!


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