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Dude Ranch 101

Young Children & Dude Ranches


Children & Dude Ranches From a Mother’s Perspective

young girl and brown horse

To teach our children the importance of life lessons can be daunting, scary, difficult, and rewarding – all at the same time. If you have been searching for a fun family vacation for a family that has many interests and unique personalities, Dude Ranches are the perfect all-encompassing family escape that you have been looking for! From the youngsters to the teens to the parents and grandparents; each Dude Ranch has a little bit of something for everyone in your family. Many Dude Ranches include children’s programs from the young age of two, all the way to age seventeen. These children and youth programs teach life lessons in responsibility, hard work ethic, and accountability – all while having fun, and creating memories through unique adventures in some of America’s most beautiful landscapes.

Working with our large equine partners, horses are a great way to teach youth how to handle their emotions as horses have been proven to be some of the best receptors to help humans physically see the impact of their own emotions on others. The experience a child and/or teen can take away from a dude ranch is indescribable and something they will cherish forever.

girl doing archery

Out on a Dude Ranch, your children won’t be glued to a screen, and, in today’s world, it can be hard to pry those pesky little devices out of their hands. Take them to a dude ranch and it won’t be hard to do! At a dude ranch your children (including your teens) get to be entertained by the outdoors, horsemanship skills, age-appropriate skills and more!

As a young mother myself, raising children in today’s world is challenging. Having an experience for my kids at a dude ranch would be a dream of mine. In fact, I truly believe an experience on a dude ranch will help shape young kids and help them find their path in life. Dude ranch vacations are meant to be a fun getaway for families, but through a child’s eyes, it can be something life-changing.

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