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Dude Ranch 101

Anytime is the Best Time to Go to a Dude Ranch

Dude Ranches are the original Western adventure vacation. They are locations in the wilderness that ‘haven’t had all the rough ridden off of it.’  While at the same time still being the perfect vacation spot will all the amenities you could need or want. Often clients of the Dude Ranchers’ Association ask when is the best time of year to go to a dude ranch. The answer is always, ‘Anytime you would like.’

In all four seasons, there are ranch destinations available to meet your expectations. Even if you are traveling through the holidays!  There are ranches open year round with exclusive spots catering around special seasons of the year.

Summer is the peak season for our Northwestern Ranches. It’s high time to enjoy nice warm sunny days in the mountains. At the end of the summer season for these ranches life in the mountains slows down to almost a halt. Some destinations are snowed in until spring and the only way in or out is by snowmobile.  At these ranches, this means only a select few employees are allowed to stay and maintain, while other ranches invite you into their winter wonderland,  full of winter adventures of all types.

What happens when you live in a cold place and you would like to warm up a bit? Well, you head south of course. Where the dry desert winter has plenty of warm sunshine to melt away your winter blues. Leave your parkas at home. Put on your cowboy boots and jeans and head out for a few days or a week to our Southern Ranches.  This is their time to shine as an adventure vacation destination.  The weather here has reached the peak of enjoyment.

No matter where you are or what kind of weather you are looking for, the Western United States and Canada are home to your preferred Western adventure.


Summer & Winter Dude Ranch Destinations

Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado

Vista Verde Drive Cattle

June – October, December – March


Seven Devils Lodge & Guide Service, Council, Idaho

Seven Devils Snow Snowmobiling

January – November


Hideout Guest Ranch, Portal, ArizonaHideout AZ



Circle Z Guest Ranch, Patagonia, Arizona

Circle Z Ranch

October ~ May

Best Time of Year for a Ranch Vacation 

When is the Best Time for a Ranch Vacation