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Low Altitude Ranch Vacations Out West

For many travelers staying at a low altitude is a must. Fortunately, at the Dude Ranchers’ Association there are many member ranches located below 5,000′.  The ranches in New Mexico and Arizona are all nearly sea level destinations.  You can find out more information on these ranches on our website with an interactive map.

Rowses Low Altitude

Although there are many low altitude ranches in the North Western US they are not grouped together for an easy search.  That’s where this list comes in handy.  Below the ranches are listed by state and linked to their profile page for more information. This list should get you started on selecting your next low altitude adventure vacation. As you narrow your search please consider the time of year the ranch is open, the type of activities offered and your preferred level of luxury. At the Dude Ranchers’ Association we are always here (during MST business hours) to help with your vacation plans. Please give us a call with reference this blog post. The number is 307.587.2339.

Low Altitude Ranches by State


Horseshoe Canyon Ranch – 2,100′

British Columbia, Canada

Three Bars Guest Ranch – 3,200′

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa – 3,650′


Marble Mountain Ranch  – 1,250′

Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch – 4,500′


Red Horse Mountain Ranch – 2,300′


Averill’s Flathead Lake Ranch – 3,000′

Bar W Guest Ranch – 3,200

Lonesome Spur  – 3,200′

McGinnis Meadows – 3,400′

Rich’s Montana Guest Ranch – 4,200′

Rocking Z Ranch – 4,000′


Rowses 1 + 1 Ranch – 2,300′


Long Hollow Ranch  -2,700′


Eatons’ Ranch – 4,500′

Red Reflet Guest Ranch – 4,800′

The Hideout – 4,200′

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