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Explore the dude ranch activities you'll experience at our member dude & guest ranches

Dude ranch activities include horseback riding, programs for children, bird watching, nature walks, relaxation and so much more!

Dude Ranch Activities Begin & End with Horseback Riding - Ride the West with the Best

The most important activity on a dude ranch is the riding. First-time riders, intermediate riders and those who have ridden all their life will find a variety of riding activities to choose from. Anyone with an interest in horses and riding will fit right in, so don’t be concerned about your riding experience.

All DRA ranches offer riding instruction for guests who have never ridden or would like to improve their skills. Horse safety is a priority, so you will be matched to the appropriate horse and given all the necessary instruction to make your riding safe, comfortable and fun.

Often, the ranch location dictates the type of riding activities offered; overnight pack trips, hunting trips, all-day rides, breakfast or lunch rides, cattle drives, team penning, guest rodeos, gymkhanas, nature rides, mountain rides, as well as a variety of daily trail rides.

Children’s Activities

Many ranches offer a structured Children’s Program staffed by counselors. Other ranches offer unsupervised activities that children can do with friends, parents or siblings. Consider the appropriate level of supervision to make the most of your family vacation!

Other Activities

For those not riding, the range of activities may include; hiking, nature walks, bird watching, petting zoos, mountain biking, river rafting, swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise rooms, massage services, pool tables, card games, rec rooms, hayrides, western dancing, campfires, cookouts, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, fishing (there are Orvis approved programs), canoeing, rock climbing, skeet shooting, archery, art classes, cooking classes, and many have nearby golf, historic sites and national parks. Each ranch is unique in the activities they offer, so be sure to make a list of activities you find important for your vacation, it will make finding the perfect ranch much easier!

"Dude Ranch Activities" Include the Art of Relaxation

The second most important activity to consider is the “art of relaxation.” When you find yourself surrounded by natural beauty, slow down, breathe deeply and appreciate it. Dude ranches are located in the most pristine wilderness areas in America. Watch a sunset, wait for the cattle to come to water, go bird-watching, take a walk through the wildflowers, nap in a hammock, listen to the livestock, read a good book or just sit quietly and let your mind wander. Blue skies, clean, fresh air, starry nights and the sounds of silence are all included in your dude ranch vacation.

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