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Western Dancing Found on these Dude Ranches

What dude ranch experience would be complete without a little bit of Western dancing? Western dancing is a fun, evening dude ranch activity that the whole family can enjoy. At these ranches, odd numbers and resistant teens are no challenge. There are female and male wranglers waiting to sweep your teenagers off their feet (only in the literal sense). They have been trained in the ways of Western dancing. Some ranches offer a variety of styles for your dancing entertainment. You might find some combinations of line dancing, square dancing, country swing, polka or just some silly kicking up of the heels. Even if you have two left feet, it doesn’t matter. The ‘callers’ or dance instructors will help you learn the steps at a fun pace. Any kind of dancing you participate in or learn is energetic, full of laughs and a great way to make memories with your group and meet other families staying at the ranch.

Western Dancing Styles

Vista Verde Western Dancing

If you would like, take a look at the different styles of Western Dancing and ask your hosts how the ‘get down’ at their ranch.

Line Dancing – Everyone stands in a line in rows and does the country version of the Cha Cha Slide.

Square Dancing – 4 couples gather in, you guessed it, a square. There is a caller that tells you what’s next. There are also square dances that include everyone in a big circle, but there is still the caller who says things like ‘do-SE-do with your partner’

Swing Dancing – Individual couples swing around the dance floor. Just be light on your feet and let your cowboy or cowgirl ‘swing’ you around the dance floor.

Polka Dancing – Please see Swing Dancing.

Fun-filled family vacations are what dude ranches are all about. Western dancing is only a part of what your host will offer. There will be a variety of other nightly activities such as talent shows, campfire sing-alongs for the kids, live music, cultural presentations and star gazing.  During the day you can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, river trips, fishing, etc.

The all-inclusive family vacations available at the dude ranches listed below will satisfy even the most active among your family. The kids and teens program will keep everyone in the family having fun with age-appropriate activities while giving mom and dad a much-needed rest. Even if the kids decide not to tag along when you head to the Western dancing, it will be because they’ve been tired out from a long, fun day in the beautiful outdoors.

Dude Ranches with Western Dancing

Latigo Ranch, Kremmling, Colorado Drowsy Water Ranch, Granby, Colorado Vista Verde Ranch, Steamboat Springs, Colorado Goosewing Ranch, Jackson, Wyoming Paradise Guest Ranch, Buffalo, Wyoming Triangle C Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming Cherokee Park Ranch, Livermore, Colorado Colorado Trails Ranch, Durango, Colorado

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