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Practice Your Aim (Safely) on Your Next Vacation

When you close your eyes and imagine the Old West, eventually you may picture cowboy showdowns and gunfighters usually in the form of Wyatt Earp or John Wesley Hardin. While fast draw standoffs are thing of the past in the West, shooting sports are a strong part of Western American culture that visitors are encouraged to embrace. You can learn to shoot and practice your aim *safely* at DRA member dude ranches on your next Western vacation. Do you prefer a bow and arrow? Don’t worry most of these ranches will offer instruction for that as well!

Guests shooting guns at Bull Hill Ranch

Bull Hill Guest Ranch | Kettle Falls, Washington

So, you’ve spent a day in the saddle and it’s time to unwind. After dinner is a time to socialize and enjoy the evening sunset. Why not head up to the trap shooting range and fire off a few rounds and show your shooting prowess? The Bull Hill Guest Ranch cowboys will bring up the gear and the clays all you need to do is have fun!

old west

Tombstone Monument Ranch | Tombstone, Arizona

This fun ranch is set up like an old Western town is located just two miles from the heart of the infamous Tombstone, Arizona–home of Old West lawman Wyatt Earp. They have bows and they have arrows, and they can teach you and your family how to shoot like an apache. Never shot before? Don’t fret! Instruction is given. Run over to Big Nose Kate’s Saloon for some after-practice drinks!

girl shooting

Vee Bar Guest Ranch | Laramie, Wyoming

How good is your aim? Find out while enjoying both trap shooting and archery at Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Southeast Wyoming. The experienced ones in the crowd can show everyone how it’s done, and those who are new to the sports can learn from the guides and masters. The satisfaction of hitting a clay pigeon with a smooth trigger pull of a shotgun is real! The “thump” of an arrow hitting the bullseye is another type of gratification. Your skills will surely improve over the week.

kid at tumbling river doing archery

Tumbling River Ranch | Grant, Colorado

A steady hand and a sure shot have long been a big part of the Western experience. Experience a tradition of the American West at Tumbling River Ranch, whether it’s trap shooting, riflery, or archery. This is an empowering cultural practice that you won’t want to miss out on!

Stagecoach wagon being pulled by two horses with Mountains in background

Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch | Yucca, Arizona

Have you ever wanted to know what it felt like to shoot those old western guns in the movies? Then visit Stagecoach Trail’s Cowboy Action shooting range and try for yourself! They have a wide range of western guns including 45 long colt revolvers, Winchester rifles, and even more modern firearms for you to practice your shooting skills.

View of a valley

Diamond D Ranch | Stanley, Idaho

Archery is offered every week on Mondays at Diamond D Ranch. Adults and children are all welcome to join in on the fun together. An experienced guide will give a briefing and demonstration to ensure everyone’s safety. For adults, target shooting is offered once weekly on Wednesdays, and clay shooting is offered on Fridays.

Greenhorn Ranch Bond with your Family

Greenhorn Ranch | Quincy, California

At Greenhorn Ranch you can fire away either on the skeet shooting range or archery ranges. If you want to test your reflexes on the shooting range, they’ll provide the 12-gauge shotgun, ammunition, clay pigeons, ear protection, and expert instruction. If you want to try your hand at archery, they’ll provide the bows, arrows, and targets as well as a knowledgeable guide. You can try the traditional hay bale targets, or experience life-like target practice on their 3-D Archery course. Targets shaped like boar, turkey, and deer are hidden in the woods for a bit of extra adventure!

People in chairs around a campfire

JJJ Wilderness Ranch | Augusta, Montana

Trade your horse in for a shotgun and work on your aim at this adventure-filled Montana Ranch! Participants ages 12 and older can attempt to shoot clay targets that are flung into the air before they hit the ground using shotguns. More interested in archery? They’ll teach you how to use a bow and hit a target!

Three Bars field with mountain view

Three Bars Guest Ranch  | Cranbrook, British Columbia

Once you have honed your horseback riding skills, it’s time to work on your shooting skills at Three Bars Guest Ranch. Whether you’re a first-time shooter or an accomplished marksman, you’ll find the trap range to be a fun challenge. Shooting excursions are included here and provide 1 on 1 instruction with a trained instructor. Both 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotguns are available. Rimfire target shooting is also available for all ages.

Whether you consider yourself a novice or sharpshooter, participating in shooting sports at a DRA member dude ranch will surely be an empowering experience that you will remember forever! The list of ranches that offer shooting sports is not limited to these 10–there are MANY more.


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