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Ride the Outlaw Trails of Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

Whether on horseback or hiking you will enjoy some of the most beautiful, untouched country in America here at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch. Ride the outlaw trails of Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and visit Native ruins where the Mimbres people of 750-1150 AD, and later Geronimo and the Apaches once roamed. Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a small ranch with a relaxed and personal atmosphere, located in the mountains in the beautiful Gila National Forest of SW New Mexico. Horseback riding here takes you through open meadows, tall ponderosa forests, up on high hills where the views go on forever across the 3.3 million acre National Forest, and down into deep canyons with sheer cliffs and crystal clear streams. We have wonderful gentle and responsive horses good for any ability to see it all by. The trails start at our backdoor and we have millions of acres to discover. Our main focus is on riding and making this a special vacation for you. No lines or schedules here! You can ride as much as you want or not at all…. the choice is yours. Other activities that our guests enjoy are campfires at night with s’mores and fantastic stargazing, musical entertainment around the campfire or in our rec hall, barbecues, outdoor and indoor games, roping lessons, photography, rodeo games and riding lessons in our arena, swimming in our small pool or the creek, or just reading a good book on one of our bench swings. We have two miniature paint horses and two mini donkeys that are fun to groom, pet, and just watch trying to be bigger than they really are! Since we are in the mountains we have moderate temperatures all year round. One great bonus of living at this altitude is that we are almost bug free so it’s the perfect place for all outdoor activities. We have lots of sunshine with turquoise New Mexico skies that invite you to spend your time outside.

Top Reasons we are a Great Place for a Family Vacation! 

We are a small family run ranch. We have only 3 cabins and take a maximum of 12 guests. Because of this we are able to cater to our guests desires. You tell us what you want the schedule to be with your family! 

This is a great place to spend quality time with your family having fun! In today’s busy world it can be hard for families to have time to spend together. Everyone has their own schedule and often it is not even possible to have a meal together. Here at the ranch families can ride horses, eat meals together, relax around a campfire, hike, swim in the creek, play games, line dance, and make memories together that will last a lifetime!

Getting back to nature! We are located in the middle of the 3.3 million acre Gila National Forest. This is a great place for families to get away from the hustle and bustle of town and city life. Wildlife is plentiful here including large herds of elk, many types of birds, mule deer, javelina, eagles, and much more.  It is a great place to learn and experience the beauty of our natural world. We love sharing our knowledge of the flora, fauna and wildlife with our guests! And the scenery is unparalleled: deep canyons, views from up high, open meadows, ponderosa forests, the variety is endless.

History! The Mimbres people were in this area from 750-1150AD. Right in our area there are remains of pit houses, cliff dwellings and pictographs (rock paintings) that we take guests to explore. This is unique because these are not part of a National Park and there will be no one else there! Later, the Chiricahua Apaches were also in this area and Geronimo’s birthplace is within 15 miles of our ranch! Even more recently Cowboys and Basque Sheepherders stayed in the area and made shelters which remain today.

The price is all-inclusive! Comfortable cabin, 3 full meals a day, horseback riding, hiking and all other activities and entertainment are included in the price!

This is a great place for a family reunion! If there are between 10-15 people in your group you will have the ranch to yourselves and our undivided attention!

Ask about packages for groups of 7-9! For more information please call 575-772-5157 or visit  

Geronimo Trails Creek Crossing