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Ranches by Experience

Find the Cowboy in You at One of These Working Cattle Ranches

V6 Ranch Cattle Drive California Ranch Vacation


Conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, just a four-hour drive from either city, the V6 Ranch offers the delight of bygone days in a world where fast is the average speed. During cattle drive weeks, guests can expect to help gather and push the herd to new grazing locations on the ranch, connect with nature, and experience a rarely seen landscape of central California. Meals are provided during these drives as well as campfire entertainment in the evenings. Guests will leave the ranch with working knowledge on gathering, moving, and sorting cattle.

Sweet Grass Drive Cattle


With miles of Sweet Grass Creek winding through the ranch, alpine forests, pristine lakes, and rolling foothills dotted with vibrant wildflowers, Sweet Grass Ranch offers spectacularly diverse terrain beckoning to be explored. Since the cattle typically graze on Sweet Grass Ranchlands for a portion of the summer, guests can learn firsthand about the challenges and joys of caring for a herd of grass-fed, range cattle, monitoring their health, and moving them to new grazing grounds as water and grass vitality dictates. On these working rides, guests are always invited to join in whenever they desire a taste of the cowboy life!

McGarry Ranches Cowboy Team


The moment you arrive at McGarry Ranches, you become a McGarry family member. Day-to-day activities also include roping, driving cattle to new pastures, fence-mending and never-ending odd jobs, all of which maintain the integrity of the herd. Most of the week is spent scattering cattle on the range, trailing them to a new pasture on the mountain, and gathering up strays in some of the most scenic mountain countries of Idaho. Sometimes you may ride off to check gates, make sure water troughs are running, or bring back a stray cow/calf.

Hunewill Cattle Drive Fall


The Hunewill Ranch is home to 1,200 head of cattle, 180 horses, as well as an assortment of llamas, goats, and sheep where guests can participate in traditional ranch cattle work activities. Each week the ranch offers various types of cattle work, whether it’s moving cows and calves to fresh grass, sorting cattle out of a herd, or loading calves in a trailer as a timed event. There are several special cattle events that are featured during the year, such as spring and fall cattle work packages, The Big Fall Cattle Gather, and the traditional Fall Cattle Drive to Hunewill’s winter ranch in Nevada.

Bar W cattle Roping


At the Bar W Ranch, you’ll ride as far as the eye can see over thousands of acres of indian territory. You’ll gather cattle, driving them over the open prairie, and to the corrals to brand calves and care for the herd. You’ll feel like a real cowhand riding out longhorns, cows, bulls, and possibly even bucking horses. After returning to the ranch from the cattle drive, you can relax in the hot tub or by the fire, then enjoy a homemade dinner you won’t forget. The next day, adventure to the Canadian border for one last all-day ride and enjoy the lush, open meadows of Swisher Lake!

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