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5 Great Reasons to Have a Dude Ranch Wedding

Anyone who has been involved in planning a traditional wedding knows that it can be a really demanding undertaking for one of the most important milestones in the future of a couple. There seem to be countless decisions to make: from booking the venue, selecting the theme, narrowing the guest list, creating and sending invitations, gift registrations, florists and the music playlist. All to make your day look as “Pinterest Perfect” as your wedding board has created.


Couple getting married at a dude ranch

“You may now kiss the bride” – Red Reflet Guest Ranch, Ten Sleep, Wyoming

For some, this may sound like fun, I mean you’re basically throwing a big party for all your closest friends and relatives, right? Not exactly. The reality is most brides are in an environment of stress from engagement until their wedding night. Why else are there so many reality TV shows on weddings? Let’s just say there’s a good reason why dude ranch weddings are becoming more popular and that reason is, less stress.

Why not throw out all the stress of planning a big, traditional wedding and instead book a dude ranch wedding where you and your soon-to-be spouse can kick back, relax, and let someone else do all the work? Here are the top 5 reasons to have a dude ranch wedding.


5 Reasons to Have a Dude Ranch Wedding

1. Less Planning

Everyone pulls their weight and works together to make your wedding a wonderful, personal experience. Ranch folks will welcome you and treat you like one of the family. Don’t be surprised if, before you leave, the staff know all your names, what you like to eat and which horse you prefer to ride!


CM Ranch Dude Ranch Wedding in Wyoming

 Your photographer won’t have to go far to find the scenic spots at the CM Ranch.

2. The Scenic Setting

Picturesque surroundings such as the majestic Rocky Mountains or wide open spaces like the Arizona desert are frequently home to guest ranches. Some have rivers or lakes on their property; others have large pastures or dramatic ridges. A couple said their outdoor wedding photographs at a ranch were so beautiful that folks asked if they were shot in a studio with a scenic backdrop!

3. One-Stop Destination

Come for a Friday night rehearsal dinner, get married outdoors Saturday morning, have an elegant reception Saturday afternoon, then stay for a honeymoon after the wedding! Dude and guest ranches have comfortable accommodations to provide lodging for overnight guests after they’ve enjoyed the wedding and reception. That way, there’s more time for guests to have fun and it eliminates driving home in the dark! Also, since ranches are generally on large plots of land, the noise factor isn’t a problem for the neighbors.


Bull Hill Ranch Washington Dude Ranch Wedding

Stay another week just for your honeymoon at the Bull Hill Ranch in Kettle Falls, Washington

4. Outdoor Activities

Most ranches offer good clean fun in the great outdoors – horseback riding, nature hikes, hay rides, swimming pools, tennis and game courts fantastic trophy trout fly fishing and rock climbing Many now have hot tubs and offer massages for relaxing after an active day. Some even offer spa services.

Lost Creek Dude Ranch Wedding

At the Lost Creek Ranch in Moose, Wyoming you can have the Grand Tetons for the backdrop of your ceremony.

5. Location, Location, Location

Many ranches give you the feeling that you’re far away from the big city but they are actually close to airports and major highways. Often, shuttle buses from the local airport will drop folks off at the ranch property or at a nearby central location in town. Folks are usually amazed at what a beautiful ranch lies nestled in the valley just down the hill from the highway!

Sundance Trail Wedding Dude Ranch

Intimate, flexible and rustic weddings are the specialty at the Sundance Trail Guest Ranch.


Dude Ranchers’ Association

There are ranches all over the west that make perfect wedding destinations and there’s sure to be one just right for the two of you. Find a complete list of dude ranch weddings.


5 reasons for a dude ranch wedding


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