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Dude Ranch Employment Opportunities

Explore Dude Ranch Employment Opportunities

Location: Vista Verde Ranch – Colorado


The Director of Operations functions as the assistant to the General Manager.  The Director of Operations is responsible for ensuring that all departments of the ranch are executing their specific roles properly and communicating amongst each other to support the big picture of the ranch operations.  The role also includes supporting the General Manager in ranch-wide strategizing, planning, and decision-making as well as leading the charge with follow-through, implementing, and accountability.


  • Play a critical role in guest services from hosting to managing expectations and inconveniences.
  • Keeping an eye on staff scheduling, labor costs, and supporting department heads with decision-making for staffing needs to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Evaluating, coaching, and encouraging managers and staff.
  • Support the GM
    • short-term and long-term planning and decision making
    • maintain and improve ranch operational systems and ensure utilization by all departments
    • working with other managers to bring synergy, cooperation, and efficiency between departments
    • spearhead consistent communication between managers, staff, and guests.
    • follow through with next steps and accountability for decisions and direction.
  • Supervise capital projects- both in-house and contracted.
  • Develop and implement systems for accountability
  • Oversee operational elements of ranch operations
    • Land, water, and pasture management and grounds keeping.


  • 2+ years experience in ranching and hospitality
  • 2+ years experience managing staff
  • Agricultural and land management experience
  • Prefer to have experience in public speaking, customer service and crisis management, and construction and maintenance

Ideal Candidate exhibits

  • Player-coach mindset—willing to jump in and do any job as needed
  • Flexibly, humble, and approachable personality
  • High level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Committed to ethical behavior both on and off the clock
  • Superior attention to detail and appreciation for structure and systems
  • Willingness to have the hard conversations and hold others accountable in a manner that builds trust and confidence in leadership
  • Must be able to work in a standing position for 8+ hours per day
  • Must be able to safely lift 50lbs over head
  • Must be able to work nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Candidate should expect to work 50 hours +/- per week

Compensation Package is DOE and may include salary, medical/dental, and paid vacation.

Type of work: Year-Round
Start Date:
November 30, 2021
More Information: Submit resume to Ben at

Location: R Lazy S Ranch – Wyoming

5 day work week, salary plus gratuities, room, and board included. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner…28 guests, 25 crew, mostly buffet and family-style meals.

Type of work: Seasonal
ASAP – October 3, 2021
More Information: Send resume with references to or call 307-733-2655

Location: Elkhorn Ranch – Arizona

Six horseback guides care for a herd of 100+ saddlehorses and breeding stock, guide horseback rides for ranch guests and do barnyard and ranch work to support the overall guest and ranch operation. Horseshoeing and developing horses for guest use is part of the job as well. This is a great job for someone who appreciates interesting, rugged country and the opportunity to spend many hours in the saddle.

Type of work: Seasonal
October 4, 2021 – May 2, 2022
More Information:

Location: Paradise Guest Ranch – Wyoming

Paradise Ranch is looking for swing position crew member, capable of working in our kitchen, dining room and cabins. Work and Play at Paradise Guest Ranch surrounded by over a million acres of the Big Horn National Forest. This is an exceptional opportunity as ranch crew is encouraged to participate in ranch activities including horseback riding, fishing, hiking all right out your back door. Room and board provided as part of salary. Salary $1400 / month plus $150 monthly bonus paid upon completion of contract. We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

Type of work: Seasonal
ASAP – September 25, 2021
More Information:Call the ranch and ask for Leah, 307-620-1652 or 307-684-7876. email at

Location: Red Rock Ranch – Wyoming

Help promote excellent guest experiences on the ranch and on the trail. Assist in catching, brushing and saddling horses for guest trail rides. Assist in vetting horse heard. Assist in daily barn chores. Have a great staff experience while working on the Red Rock Ranch. The position also requires working as a kid wrangler for a short period of time, if needed.
Housing and Meals Provided. Salary + equal share of gratuity.

Type of work: Seasonal
ASAP – September 30, 2021
More Information: Call 307-733-6288 or

Location: Red Rock Ranch – Wyoming

Light housekeeping duties including kitchen laundry, pool laundry and light cleaning in cabins during the week (trash and towel service). Ordering and Picking Linens to prepare for weekend cleaning crew tasks. Cabin turns performed by cleaning service on weekends. Dusting and sweeping in the lodge area during the week. Watering flowers and assisting in setting up outside dining areas may also be required. Housing and Meals Provided. Salary + equal share of gratuity

Type of work: Seasonal
ASAP – September 30, 2021
More Information:Call 307-733-6288 or

Location: Red Rock Ranch – Wyoming

Working with dining room server crew. Setting up tables, serving meals and working closely with the executive chef and head server to ensure an exceptional dining experience. Housing and Meals Provided. Salary + equal share of gratuity

Type of work: Seasonal
ASAP – September 30, 2021
More Information:Call 307-733-6288 or

Location: Rainbow Trout Ranch – Colorado

Housekeepers/Waitstaff needed to finish out the 2021 season.
We are looking for hardworking and responsible housekeepers/waitstaff who can start any time up to late August and work until September 24th. Housing and meals are included, and the staff is awesome!
Come join us – who knows where this little adventure into dude ranching may lead you!
Please call Linda direct at 719.376.2440

Type of work: Seasonal
ASAP – September 30, 2021
More Information: Call Linda directly at 719-376-2440

Location: Sundance Trail Guest Ranch – Colorado

Lead Cook prepares 3 meals a day plus snacks/cookies for 30-40 people (guests and staff). Maintains a clean kitchen, assists in menu planning, and food inventory management. Kitchen is staff with 2 cooks and 2 dishwashers/servers. Need to be prepared to do full meal preparation.
Someone with baking skills preferred.

Position to start as soon as possible and lasts until September 30 with the possibility of extending if mutually agreeable.

Apply online here:

Pay includes room/board and tips.

Location: Vee Bar Guest Ranch – Wyoming

Office Assistant needed (with the possible promotion to Office Manager). The Vee Bar is seeking a professional, organized, self-driven individual to work in the office. Job duties may include answering phones and emails, taking reservations, acting as a concierge for guests at the ranch, compiling and organizing office information, and more. Proficient computer skills are required, including Microsoft programs. Professional written and oral communication skills are also required. The assistant will begin working 3 days per week in the office. If a full-time position is desired, other duties will include dining room and housekeeping shifts. The Assistant position has the potential to develop into an Office Manager position which would include 4-5 days in the office and other managerial duties. The team at the Vee Bar strives to make the atmosphere family-friendly, professional for both guests and staff. To apply, fill out an application which can be found on our website or requested by calling or emailing the Vee Bar office.

Dates: ASAP – To be Determined
More Information: Call 307-745-7036, or email

Location: Mountain Sky Guest Ranch – Montana

This position will assist the Executive Chef in all aspects of kitchen operations, including the preparation of hot and cold foods for banquet-style meals, receiving of food orders, and maintaining the highest in food and sanitation standards.

Free Room and Board.
Use of guest amenities is allowed.
Guest interaction is encouraged.
Weekly Dance Night on Property on Thursdays.

Type of work: Seasonal
Dates: ASAP – October 31st
More Information: Call 406.333.4911 or and ask for Ashley Henrich.

Location: C Lazy U Ranch – Colorado

The Employee Dining cook is responsible for all aspects of the culinary program for the employee dining room meals. This position will write menus, assist in ordering, develop menus, check food quality throughout meal periods. This position will also be responsible for maintaining a clean employee dining room. The ideal candidate for this position has a passion for making their fellow employees happy with high-quality meals that are prepared to a high standard. Other attributes include openness to employee feedback, ability to make changes based on that feedback when necessary. This position requires working in the kitchen five or more days a week. This person is able to take direction for the Executive Sous Chef and Executive chef and implement change as needed.

Type of work: Year-Round
Dates: Start ASAP
More Information: Apply online at

Location: C Lazy U Ranch – Colorado

This position is very important to the success of the food and beverage program and ranch. The kids’ program is one of C Lazy U’s oldest and celebrated components in our summer season. It is the primary objective of this position to present a meal to the kids that is as inspired by them. Making the food part of the ranch story here at C Lazy U.
Tell the story of the trail with the food. Use this to teach the kids about the Great American Western History.

Type of work: Seasonal
Dates: ASAP – September 30th
More Information: Apply online at

Location: C Lazy U Ranch – Colorado

The bartender is responsible for the accurate and friendly dispensing of beverages to the ranch guests and staff. Bartenders have extensive guest contact and do much to influence the quality of the ranch experience. The high standards of the ranch must be maintained both in mixing drinks and interacting with the patrons. Consequently, the bartender is responsible for prudent judgment and exercising legally required action in refusing to serve minors or intoxicated patrons and for controlling inappropriate behavior. Rules established by management are to be scrupulously obeyed.

Type of work: Seasonal
Dates: ASAP – January 8th
More Information: Apply online at

Location: C Lazy U Ranch – Colorado

Dishwashers are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards for china, glassware, tableware, cooking utensils, cookware, etc. using machine and manual cleaning methods. Dishwashers ensure that the kitchen and dishwashing area are maintained as a clean, safe, and sanitary facility.

Type of work: Seasonal
Dates: August 1 – January 8
More Information: Apply online at

Location: C Lazy U Ranch – Colorado

Housekeepers are the employees responsible for the housekeeping and laundry functions of the ranch. Individuals work in guest units, public areas, the linen room, and the laundry room. All work is performed to standards of quality as required by the owners and communicated by the Housekeeping Manager. A successful housekeeper is one who takes pride in his/her work, is flexible, and works with initiative and momentum.

Type of work: Seasonal
Dates: August 1 – January 8
More Information: Apply online at

Location: C Lazy U Ranch – Colorado

The wait staff is responsible for foodservice and its attendant functions, such as maintenance of the dining room and specified kitchen areas, and buffet set-up. The wait staff has a significant amount of contact with our guests and greatly influences the guests’ overall enjoyment of the Ranch experience. A server should make a guest feel truly welcome. He or she will learn the names of the guests and address them by their first name. The successful server is quick with a smile, friendly, outgoing, eager to serve, and exceptionally courteous. He or she is self-motivated and competent in performing all duties, both in preparation for meals and in providing guest service.

Type of work: Seasonal
Dates: August 1 – January 8
More Information: Apply online at

Location: C Lazy U Ranch – Colorado

A ranch hand is a member of a team who performs tasks which serves in an all-purpose capacity, helping all other departments during all working hours. A ranch hand will also safely and professionally guide guests on the activity experiences offered at the C Lazy U excluding horseback riding. The successful ranch hand will be flexible and diverse in nature, working with initiative, common sense, and momentum. Individuals are expected to be orderly in conduct and courteous to guests and staff.

Type of work: Seasonal
Dates: August 1 – January 8
More Information: Apply online at

Location: Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch – New Mexico

Horse Experience Necessary! 1 VERSATILE Person Needed for Wrangler Position at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch! (+ Free Housing and Meals!)

Come join the Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch team in our beautiful area of southwest New Mexico, located at 6,500 feet elevation in the ponderosa pines. Explore the canyons, creeks, forests, and mountains of the Gila National Forest!
We are looking to hire one unique, energetic individual who wants it all: dramatic scenery, versatile work, independent living, and a truly memorable 2021 season in the mountains of southwest New Mexico!
We are looking for someone who has horse experience and is comfortable working with and training young, fresh, energetic, spooky, and/or rank horses.
The best way to have a good time is to show others a good time – Help us give our guests the best vacation they have ever had!
We are looking for someone to start work immediately and work until the end of November. We will consider applicants with the right experience who can only work for the summer.
We are a small ranch (16 guests max) and we are very remote. You need to have your own transportation to work here and be comfortable with long periods away from town/city life. If you are an independent person who enjoys others’ company as well as time alone when working and during time off, this may be the job for you! Again, we are very remote, 2 hours from the nearest town. We cannot accommodate pets or personal horses.
$2,500/month salary, plus a share of tip pool and room and board included. Eating our chef’s delicious meals with our guests is a huge bonus! Satellite TV and limited Wi-Fi are included. The total value of this entire package is at least $5,000/month. Incentives are available for returning for more than one season!
A job at our ranch requires a fast learner and a motivated self-starter. Versatility and flexibility are needed for this job’s multiple roles. Fitness and strength are necessary for this very active job! Working on a ranch consists of long hours, not your typical 9-5. One day off per week maximum. You will be able to hike and explore our beautiful area during your time off! Staff must be well-groomed, flexible, able to take constructive criticism and be a team player. Western attire is required.
We are hiring 1 person to do multiple tasks. Here are some of the things you will be expected to do:
• Working with and training new horses to become guest horses. Must have experience and feel comfortable working with young, fresh, energetic, spooky, and/or rank horses.
• Wrangler: Leading or following rides with guests as necessary. Must be a quick learner – you will need to learn our trails, how we do everything and about our horses within 1-2 weeks of arrival! Must be flexible and willing to do things our way. Must pay close attention to guests’ safety. If you have current Wilderness First Aid training that is a huge bonus!
• Horse Care: Loading and unloading hay (must be able to lift multiple 80 lb bales!), feeding, doctoring, brushing, saddling multiple horses, picking multiple horses feet, scooping lots of poop!
• Ranch work: Cleaning, oiling tack and boots, fixing fence, painting, staining, other maintenance, watering flowers, anything else that needs to be done!
• Hiking: Guiding some trips to Archeological and Historical sites and scenic viewpoints as guests desire.
• Server: Helping set up for meals, serving meals to the guests, and cleaning up after meals.
• Housekeeping: Helping clean the 4 ranch cabins once a week after each group of guests leaves and cleaning other ranch buildings as necessary at least once a week. Attention to detail is necessary. This task will be shared with one other staff member.
• Entertaining and spending time with the guests: during the day as well as evening campfires, line dancing, games or movies as they desire until 10 PM each evening.
• One Person, Many Hats! We are looking to hire a positive, hardworking, and energetic individual!
Please look at our website to learn more about the ranch.
*Please read all the above information very carefully!*
• Cover letter – what applicable experience do you have and why would you be an asset to our operation?
• Video of you riding and working with horses.
• Earliest date you can start work at the ranch?
• Resume
• References – written letters or contact information for 3 former employers.
ALL info required to be considered.
We, unfortunately, cannot accommodate personal horses, pets, spouses, or families. Thank you for understanding.

Type of work: Seasonal
More Information: 

Location: Elkhorn Ranch – Montana

Elkhorn Ranch is looking for a few good people to round out our 2021 crew. There are openings as
• Housekeeping
• Kitchen/server
• Children Counselors (PBP) – needs to be a comfortable horseback rider
All positions run from late May until the end of August or later. Salary plus room & board. Exploring this corner of the Yellowstone Area, riding and hiking are fringe benefits.

Would love to get an application (available on our website).

Type of work: Seasonal
More Information:

Location: The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch – Wyoming

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch, Shell – Wyoming, is looking for mature wranglers with a solid equestrian/riding background and a hospitality mind.

Applicants must be 21 years old, have a clean driver’s license, and be drug-free. We are looking for applicants who have excellent horsemanship and riding skills. By preference but not mandatory both English and Western.

We are looking for wranglers who are caring, respectful, leave their ego at the door, and are well-educated. Candidates need to be mature, responsible, friendly, well-spoken, hard-working, and team-oriented. Understanding and experience with structured horsemanship programs like Parelli Horsemanship are a plus.

The Hideout provides wranglers with extensive training to set you up for success.

We embrace diversity, enthusiasm, and an open-mind approach to life. We believe in a respectful, positive, and disciplined work environment. Willing to learn and take on other non-riding activities. Part of the job is helping with chores around the barn, cleaning, etc.



  • Wranglers must be 21 years of age or older
  • Wranglers must have legal permission to work in the United States.
  • Wranglers must submit a short video introducing yourself and showing your riding and horsemanship skills. This means catching, haltering, grooming, saddling the horse and riding the horse in all gates. You are welcome to show any additional riding talents.A link to YouTube or other video sites is preferred.
  • Wranglers must submit a resume and cover letter to
  • Wranglers must have a clean driving record and pass an insurance/driving record background check
  • Wrangler must be an advanced rider
  • Wrangler will drive (or learn to drive) a 4×4 truck and 20-foot stock-trailer carrying 6 horses (additional training is provided to all wrangler staff)
  • Wrangler must have current First Aid CPR certificate
  • Wrangler must attend our Wrangler safety and Wrangler Training program
  • Wrangler must feel comfortable taking 4-6 novice riders on a trail ride
  • Wrangler must be able to saddle horses and lift Western saddles
  • Wrangler will be involved in cattle work/drives (we will train you in Stockmanship)
  • DRA Certification is a plus
  • Additional language skills, musical talent, photography experience, outdoor experience, training is welcome and encouraged. Having lived abroad and experience with other cultures are also assets.

What do we offer?

  • A job and experience working for a professional and organized operation
  • A work environment that is respectful and cares about staff, horses, travelers, and the environment
  • Well-trained, healthy horses to ride, professional and well-maintained infrastructure including the barn, tack, vehicles, equipment, etc.
  • A respectful, honest and safe working environment
  • A rarely seen diversity and terrain to ride
  • Well maintained, clean, and nice homes to live in (not bunkhouse living)
  • Most evenings except Friday wranglers are free and not required to entertain guests
  • A competitive salary package that is in part performance-related

Job may start as early as May 1, 2021, and some positions will be through to the beginning of November 2021.

For more information visit or email You can also call 307 765 2080.

Type of work: Seasonal
More Information:
Dates: 04/1/2021-10/31/2021

Location: Greenhorn Ranch – California

SUMMARY: Oversees all aspects of ranch management in accordance with company standards including maximization of financial performance, guest satisfaction, staff development, and facility upkeep within established quality standards. Responsible for the hiring, training, scheduling, and discipline of all ranch staff including wranglers and independent contractors/vendors.
QUALIFICATIONS: To perform this job successfully, the individual must be able to perform each essential duty and responsibility in a safe and satisfactory manner, and the individual must be punctual and have a good attendance record, and have reliable means of transportation to work. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
1. Performs the role of “Standard Bearer”, ensuring that all criteria of Greenhorn standards are communicated, understood, achieved, and maintained by ranch staff.
2. Performs all criteria as communicated by ranch “Standard Operating Procedures” in a satisfactory manner.
3. Creates an operating environment that assures superior guest and employee satisfaction including frequent and consistent guest interaction.
4. Monitors the performance of the ranch through verification and analysis of guest satisfaction systems and financial reports. Initiates corrective action.
5. A strong understanding of P&L statements and the ability to react with impactful strategies.
6. Maintains product and service quality standards by conducting ongoing evaluations and investigating complaints and initiates corrective action.
7. Develops accurate and aggressive long and short-range financial objectives consistent with the Company’s goals by maximizing room yield and ranch revenue through innovative sales practices and yield management programs.
8. Prepares timely financial reports for management that clearly explain operational effectiveness, trends and variances.
9. Develops improvement actions and initiates and consistently carries out cost savings initiatives.
10. Establishes and maintains a pro-active human resource function to ensure employee motivation, training and development, safety, wage and benefits administration, and compliance with established labor regulations.
11. Maintains an appropriate level of community, associations and public affairs involvement.
12. Executes marketing, sales, administrative and operational activities, producing results that meet or exceed the ranch business plan.
13. Ensures good safety practices of employees and guests, assisting in the maintenance of proper emergency and security procedures.
14. Establishes and maintains applicable preventive maintenance programs to protect the physical assets of the ranch, Buildings, horses, ranch owned land and surroundings.
15. Implements and maintains an effective open-door communication system that crosses departmental lines in order to reach all employees.
16. Understands the government regulations affecting ranch operations, ensuring ranch is operating in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and requirements of any federal, state, county or municipal authority.
17. Deals with the general public, customers, employees and government officials with professionalism, tact and courtesy.
18. Plans, organizes and schedules the work of others.
19. Accepts full responsibility for managing all activities.
20. Other duties as assigned.
SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Directly oversees 2 to 50 employees and or vendor contractors at the ranch, including all department heads. Indirectly supervises all ranch personnel. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the ranch and principal policies, training programs, and applicable laws. Responsibilities include recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Salary Exempt: Salary & Bonus Commensurate with Experience
Includes: lodging and two daily meals

Contact: Send resume to
Attn: Cynthia Carreon 1-530-283-0930

Type of work: Year Round
More Information:
Dates: Year Round

Location: Greenhorn Ranch – California

Greenhorn Ranch is a premier guest ranch in Northern California’s Lost Sierra featuring 560,000 acres and 60 horses. Established in 1962, we’ve built our reputation on providing refined comforts and relaxed mountain adventures in a spectacular natural setting. We think work should be fun with a team that is passionate about making guests happy.
A wrangler is responsible for tack, proper fit, cleaning, and repair of horse facilities as directed. A wrangler is responsible for guest activities related to equine including but not limited to trail rides, riding lessons, grooming lessons, wagon rides, rodeo activities, etc. Maintenance may include but is not limited to the following: inventory, feeding, shoeing, grooming, training, healthcare, trail maintenance, fencing, pasture/turnout areas, guest relations, and socialization. As the focus of many of our guest’s itinerary, the Wrangler must ensure pleasant and safe rides for guests of varying levels of horsemanship. This position requires superior guest relations and professional interaction at various ranch events, dinners, camp side fires, etc. The Wrangler position reports directly to the Head Wrangler and/or General Manager.

Non- Exempt Full Time: $14.00 per Hour plus Gratuity
Includes: Lodging and two daily meals

Contact: Send resume to
Attn: Cynthia Carreon 1-530-283-0930

Type of work: Seasonal
More Information:
Dates: 04/01/2021 thru 10/31/2021

Have your information sent to ranches actively seeking employees!

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Each year our 90+ member ranches offer a variety of dude ranch employment opportunities. They hire many seasonal employees, and some year-round employees, for such positions as wranglers, cooks, waitstaff, housekeepers, maintenance workers, children’s counselors, office workers, and more!

Most seasonal employees are hired by the Southern ranches for the months of September through May and by the Northern ranches for the months of May through October. Many Northern ranches have last-minute openings during the months of May and June.

The compensation for each position is at each ranch’s discretion and will be discussed prior to hiring. Jobs on dude ranches typically involve hard work and long hours as well as participation in evening guest activities such as line dances, hayrides, and staff talent shows. Good people skills and an ability to live and work well with others are required. The more flexible you are in the type of position you would like, the more likely you are to be successful.

Recommendation for Dude Ranch Employment Opportunities

Non-U.S. Citizens:

Employment opportunities on ranches for non-U.S. citizens can be extremely limited. Individuals must contact the ranches individually to see if they are willing to hire non-U.S. citizens. Individuals must also have a work permit for the U.S.A. Please contact the U.S. Embassy for information on work permits. The Dude Ranchers’ Association is not able to help in obtaining work permits for those looking for dude ranch employment opportunities.

Student Internships:

U.S. students often contact the Association seeking internship positions. The Dude Ranchers’ Association has no formal internship program but a number of our member ranchers have been willing to negotiate with students for internship positions as a part of their seasonal employment. Students interested in such positions may utilize the opportunities listed below and are encouraged to research DRA member ranches and reach out to them directly about internship opportunities.

Options for DRA Assistance in Seeking Dude Ranch Employment

To assist the many students and others seeking employment, the Association is offering the following services:

  1. Upon request, we will send the Dude Ranchers’ Association Directory. All 90+ member ranches are listed, along with their contact information. Interested individuals may contact each ranch themselves.
  2. The Dude Rancher’s Association also publishes a newsletter that is sent directly to all member ranches. For a US$10 fee, you may place an employment wanted ad in one issue. Many ranchers refer to the ads published in the newsletter when hiring. There are no guarantees, but it is a good, inexpensive way to contact all member ranchers at the same time.

Send us your name, address, phone number, dates of availability, type of position(s) sought, and 2-3 sentences describing your experience or qualifications along with the US$10 fee to:

The Dude Ranchers’ Association Newsletter
P.O. Box 2307
Cody, WY 82414

Payment must be received before the ad will appear.

Download this Advertising Rates Form to place an employment ad.