Learn About Dude Ranches, Guest Ranches and the Dude Ranchers' Association

Discover the American wilderness that can only be seen by horseback and learn about the men and women who are the stewards of this land. These families open their homes to thousands of guests every year, committed to providing the best vacations possible at their dude and guest ranches.

Guest Ranches & Dude Ranches of the Dude Ranchers' Association

Dude ranching is much more than guest rooms and horses. It is a sharing of the spirit of the West and the beauty of the wilderness. On a ranch, you’ll experience a world that is dictated by the seasons and cycles of life. It is a simple way of life that demands honesty, integrity, hard work and a strong spirit. Your appreciation of nature, family and friends will be renewed. You’ll find that good riding, good food and good friends will leave you peaceful and content. You’ll discover the luxuries of silence, the wind on your face and the stars shining brightly. More than just a day full of activities, the essence of a ranch vacation nourishes your heart and soul. It is unlike any vacation you have ever taken - one that you will return to time and again. It‘s horses, hats, hospitality, heritage, honesty and heart.

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