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Please see below for a sampling of recent media coverage featuring the Dude Ranchers’ Association and our member ranches. 6 Dude Ranches Across The Country To Escape To This Fall With Your BFF 10 Fun Family Vacations for Multigenerational Travelers What is the Difference Between a Dude Ranch and a Guest Ranch? Also included a video “Why horse lovers need to watch this” Dude Ranches are Real So Saddle Up Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Roundup, HOME IMPROVEMENT's Debbe Dunning to Star in New Adventure Travel Series for RFD-TV all about Dude Ranches.

Financial Advisor Magazine 10 Exclusive Ranches For Discovering Your Inner Cowboy  Finding the Wild West in Wyoming  Wanna Try Glamping In A Covered Wagon? Go With Goosewing Ranch 50 Farm Stay Vacation Spots for Families in Each State

Highlights Rimrock & Seven Devils Alternatives abound for non-skiers in Ski Country

Highlights Vista Verde, The Home Ranch, and Lone Mountain Why Luxury Dude Ranches Are the New Glamping

Highlights The Home Ranch Dude Ranches Where You Won't Exactly Be Roughing It

Highlights Smith Fork Ranch, C Lazy U & Tanque Verde Local Dude Ranch Gains Recognition

Highlights Horses n Courage, & Seattle Times

5 guest ranches with cozy cabins, campfires and lots of horses

Highlights White Stallion, Vista Verde and Latigo, &

Ten places you can reconnect as a family

Highlights Bar Lazy J and Drowsy Water

Albuquerque Journal Guests Ranches offer visitors an Old West experience

Highlights Burnt Well and Geronimo Trails The Great American Family Holiday On a Dude Ranch 

Highlights Sylvan Dale, Rimrock, Medicine Bow, Bar W, Diamond D, White Stallion, Vista Verde, Smith Fork, Three Bars, Red Horse Mountain, Bar Lazy J, Rainbow Trout, 4UR & Mountain Sky - 10 Reasons to Plan a Family Dude Ranch Vacation – Five Reasons You’ll Love Your Next vacation - Mentions the DRA and dude ranches – The Hotels and Resorts to Book for 2017's Total Solar Eclipse - Listed several ranches in or near Jackson, Wyoming – The Hotels and Resorts to Book for 2017's Total Solar Eclipse -  Same as above – 7 Best Dude Ranch Vacations

Sunday LA Times, Travel section - November 6th – Why Luxury Dude Ranches are the New Glamping – Alternatives Abound for Non-Skiers in Ski Country

Boss Magazine – 2016 fall/winter issue page 24 – Down on the Ranch

Asventure Outdoors Magazine - Advertisement on page 139, Fall 2016 – Saddle Up with Dude Ranchers' Association – Family-Friendly Fitness Vacation Spots to Hit before Summer’s Over – The Best Ranch Vacations of the West – Nine Quarter Circle Ranch: Wholesome Family Fun near Yellowstone National Park

The Culture Trip – The Best Ranches In the US - On a Different Kind of Snow Vacation,,,  - Dude ranches: The New All-inclusive Snow Vacation.

Electrobraid Fence - ElectroBraid®’s Top 12 Ranch Resorts in the USA

The Culture Trip - The Best Guest Ranches in the US

Shape Magazine (print & online) -Fit and Fun Family Getaways - Arkansas Dude Ranch Offers Outdoor Getaways for Families - Nothing to Do but What We’re Doing - 5 Dude Ranch Family Vacations to Experience - Dude Ranch Style – Family Fitness Vacations - 5 Beautiful Dude Ranches You’ll Want to Live At

Spirit of the West Magazine (print)  - Cowgirl Adventures - Arizona Vacation with Kids  - Great Family Summer Vacation Ideas - Fine Dining at Dude Ranches

Travel Savvy News and Best of America by Horseback - 3 Ways Dude Ranches Offer Best Value for Travel Dollar - Family Fitness Vacation Spots to Hit Before the Summer's Over – July 2016: Fine Dining at Dude Ranches (online and print) – 6 of the Coolest Dude Ranches in the United States – The 5 Best Places for a Family Vacation This Summer – Trips All Kids Should Take Before Graduating From High School – How to Connect Kids with Nature on FamilyVacation – Find an All-Inclusive Family Vacation to Fit Any Budget – 5 Family Vacations That Don’t Involve Disney – 5 Adventures for Dad This Father’s Day

Chicago Newspaper – The all American vacation is at a Dude Ranch for the 4th of July – Family Bonding Dude Ranch Style Concrete Cowboys & Cowgirls Escape New York this summer for DUDE RANCH Destinations! 



More Media Coverage of the Dude Ranchers' Association and Its Member Dude & Guest Ranches



Top 10 Wild West Ranches in the US

Freshly-fallen snow, sleigh rides and skiing make these dude ranches a magical winter getaway. 
Set in some of the most beautiful scenery in the American West and covered in blankets of snow for months, these dude ranches offer a secluded yet active winter getaway for all ages. Whether for skiing or enjoying seasonal activities like sleigh rides and snowmobiling, these ranches have it all when the weather turns cold.

USA Today's 10 Best

USA Today. 10 Best

By Lyn Mettler, Travel Expert, December 7, 2015

Dude Ranches During the Winter: Here's Where and Why

Riding the open range is a highlight of classic ranch living. Add golf, spa treatments, fly fishing, skydiving and gourmet cookouts under the stars, and you have a dude ranch for today's discerning travelers. Each of the properties on GAYOT's Top 10 Wild West Ranches in the U.S. is authentic. But that doesn't mean you have to rough it... or that our list is limited to typical western settings. In locations as diverse as Georgia and Central California wine country, these haycations unite hoedowns and cattle drives with culinary classes and yoga in the great outdoors. So pack your appetite, your sense of adventure and your chaps, and prepare to saddle up.

Scholastic Parent & Child Dude Ranch ArticleParent & Child

Kids Gone Cowboy!

Imagine blue skies, open range, a trusty steed, and not a cell phone in sight. It's the ultimate Old West fantasy. No wonder, then, that when P&C staffers voted on our dream family vaycay destinantion, the winner was clear: a dude ranch! "It's summer camp for the whole crew," says Jason Halmay, who owns and runs the Lazy L&B in Dubois, Wyoming, with his wife, Deb, and their three girls. We tagged(er, rode) along with the ranch's guests to see what the experience is really like. Turn the page to learn what to expect and find resources for planning your own adventure, whether you're saddling up for a few days or a week. Yee-haw!


US News and World Report Logo

U.S. News & World Report

7 Luxurious National Park Lodges

With school out and summer in full swing, many Americans will be packing up and heading to one of our great national parks. Though plenty of travelers opt to camp when touring the parks (it's the most affordable option, after all), visitors don't have to resign themselves to roughing it.

Trade in your canned beans and hot dogs for a gourmet meal and fine wine, and ditch the flimsy tent for a fashionably rustic lodge. Here are seven deluxe accommodations to welcome you home after a day in the wild.

USA Today Travel Logo

USA Today

June 11, 2015

'Dude ranches: Renting a home on the range'


As a novice horsewoman 20 minutes into her first ride on a weeklong trip to two dude ranches in the deserts of Arizona, this is one of very few words I wanted to hear called out by one of my fellow guests. Now fully stopped, my horse Ecuador shifted from one leg to the other as head wrangler James circled back around to where the guest and her horse had stopped, pointing at the bush indicating where she'd seen and heard the snake.

"If I were you, I'd probably keep moving," James advised in a calm, slow drawl, the rattler long gone into hiding. 

And with that, our ride continued without incident among the towering saguaro cacti towards the mountain ranges that jutted up out of the dry, dusty ground.

Online Blog By Melissa Willets

'Best All Inslusive Resorts for Families'

A new HomeAway Kidfluencer Survey, conducted by independent market research firm YouGov and HomeAway, the world's leading vacation rental marketplace, reveals kids are often the mini-decision makers when it comes to where to vacation.
The survey asked more than 2,800 kids, ages 6 to 18, in the U.S. and four European counties, what they want when they travel with their families. One in three American millennial parents let their little ones execute full control over the final vacation decision.

If your kids are like those surveyed and will be involved in planning your next getaway, they will love these 11 all-inclusive resorts for families that offer incredible, kid-focused activities. You'll be beyond pumped too, because when you visit one of these amazing all-inclusive vacation destinations, you can leave your wallet at home and just bring your sense of adventure!

Making of a Mom

May 27, 2015, Online Blog

'Packing y Cowboy Boots for Horsesoe Canyon Ranch'

I have always wanted to go to an all inclusive resort. When I pictured this resort I had visions of foreign countries and the beach. To my surprise and delight my first experience with an all inclusive resort will be a Dude Ranch in Arkansas. From May 27 – 31 I am heading to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch with some Kansas City bloggers. So you may be asking what is there possibly to do at a dude ranch? Let me tell you!

Suitcases and Sippy Cups

THursday, May 28, 2015, Online Blog

'7 Reasons to Grab Granny and Mosey Over to a Guest Ranch Vacation'

Choosing a Guest Ranch makes multi-generational travel easier than ever.
My first introduction to the idea of a dude ranch vacation was from watching the iconic Billy Crystal movie, City Slickers. (Yes, I know I am dating myself.) While that movie will always remain a classic, it is far from representing a true Guest Ranch experience. Guest Ranches, sometimes distinguished as Dude Ranches, are simply a ranch that has been converted towards welcoming guests. That pithy definition doesn’t really begin to describe the unique guest ranch experience, nor does it give a real picture of what to expect if you book a guest ranch vacation for your family. Everything from a rustic, working ranch in the barren desert to a luxury resort in the foothills of a mountain range is available. In truth, guest ranch offerings and amenities are as varied as the landscapes they represent.

Monday, June 1, 2015, Online Blog

'10 Questions to Choose the Perfect Dude Ranch'

Guest Ranches, like any other all-inclusive destination, are not all created equal. The difference between loving every minute on the ranch and feeling disappointed is made in choosing the right kind of ranch for you. Guest Ranches really do have something for everyone-yes, even you four star luxury addicts, so ask yourself a few questions to make sure you get the ranch vacation that suits your style best.

Wall Street Journal LogoWall Street Journal

Thursday, March 5, 2015, Print Story

'Family Vacation Must: No Wi-Fi' By Cecilie Rohwedder

Who needs a phone when you can lasso a calf? That is what Joanne Halbrecht, an orthopedic surgeon and mother of two from Boulder, Colo., figured when planning a family vacation with an ulterior motive: to get her children off their cell-phones and computers.

February 16, 2015, Online

'City Slickers Head West to Dude Ranchi' By Keihe Schmidt

Even cowboys' ears get cold. Poor Bill: white flakes are starting to form small piles on the brim of his Stetson hat, the kind that is meant to provide shade in the hot summer and isn't famed for its wintertime qualities. Bill Fisher just grins, while hanging the hat back up on a hook and grabbing a brimmed cap with ear flaps, growling something to the effect of, "No such thing as wrong weather, just wearing the wrong clothes."

Dallas News LogoThe Dallas Morning News

February 13, 2015, Online

'Family Travel: Do the Outdoors in Comfy, Cozy Style' By Lynn O'Rourke Hayes

Glamping is what happens you add a little glitz to your camping experience. Here are five places where you can sample the concept:

American Cowboy LogoAmerican Cowboy

January 2015, online story

As mentioned, the American Cowboy piece on Historic Dude Ranches published online and features seven DRA member ranches, including Bar Lazy J, Eaton’s Ranch, Circle Z Ranch, Lone Mountain Ranch, Paradise Guest Ranch, 63 Ranch and Triangle X Ranch. As you will see, the piece highlights historical photos, history and modern-day activities for each featured ranch.


America's Horse Magazine - Dude Ranch ArticleAmerica's Horse

July 2014, Page 28 - 31

"All About Buk" Learning about the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship is only one of the draws of McGinnis Meadows, a Montana ranch destination.





Cowboys and IndiansCowboys & Indians

Page 109 - 116

It was a good idea back in the 1880's ( the earliest official guest ranch era) and it's an even better one today. Providing a bona fide Western experience to "dudes"of all stripes who have at least one thing in common; a vital, perhaps inexplicable, yearning to briefly escape from citified life into the saddle.




Travel Leisure Magazine Cover Travel & Leisure Magazine

Page 21 & 22

Dude Ranches are ideal places for Kids, Families and couples to re-discover each other, without the typical distractions of this fast paced world we live in. Families spend time togetherhorseback riding, hiking, fishing, river rafting, working cattle, children's programs, evening programs and much more.




Reunions Magazine

Reunions Magazine


The only publication for all reunion planners: family, class, military and others.

The Nov/Dec/Jan issue includes information on our member ranches.





American Cowboy Dude Ranch Article

American Cowboy

"Historic Dude Ranches" 

Since the time of Lewis and Clark, folks have been fascinated with the American West. In the late 19th century, romantic accounts of the open range and Western adventures like Theodore Roosevelt and Buffalo Bill circulated back East, and those itching to escape the congestion of the city vacationed out West to get a taste of life on the wild frontier. 






Travel 50 and Beyond ArticleTravel 50 & Beyond

"7 Settings for 3 Generations" By Jennifer Davoren




From dude ranches to dazzling beaches, we highlight our favorite vacations spots around the U.S. and Caribbean.






Naluda Magazine

“Get the Best of the West at a Dude Ranch”

Have you ever wanted a week away from civilization? Do you daydream about simpler times when people drove cattle rather than cars, or where cabins replaced apartments?




Naluda Magazine - June Issue





Outside Magazine

After decades of the same old trail ride/chuck wagon formula, dude ranches had grown as dusty as a cowboy’s chaps. But recent years have ushered in a new spirit: Across the West, guest ranches are seeing an infusion of fresh money, expanded programming, heightened energy, and elevated accommodations.


Outside Magazine April 2014


Newport Magazine

Cowboy Culture: From rustic to resort-style, dude ranch getaways offer travelers a taste of the Old West.

Newport Magazine Feb/Mar 2014




Healthy Aging

The story of how Marijn Werquin was transformed from a Sebina flight attendant and mother of identical twins who attended a tony private school in Tevuren, Belgium, into a hard riding wrangler in Shell, Wyoming, is a reinvention tale that could arguably stand with those of lengendary Old West cowgirls like Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane. It is also the story of changed family and the changing West.

Healthy Aging Winter 2014



USA Today

Wyoming Dude Ranches sell 'Horses, Hats, History and Hospitality.'

USA Today August 15, 2012


National Parks Traveler

Where to stay and what to see in the National Parks.

National Parks Traveler Autumn 2013






Travel & Leisure Magazine

Some of the greatest values for families can be found at all-inclusive resorts, the best of which offer plenty of diversions and schedule flexibility.

Travel & Leisure Magazine Aug 2013





American Cowboy Magazine

Dude ranch vacations can be downright therapeutic. Not only are they fun (horseback riding, working cattle, etc.) and beautiful (wild country, sunsets, etc.), but time on a ranch will get your head straight.

American Cowboy Magazine Aug/Sept 2013





Stanislaus Magazine

California Dude Ranches -Saddle Up!


What do you get when you combine horses, hospitality and history with stunning scenery and family friendly fun?  A one-of-a-kind escape from city life.  If you've never stayed at a dude ranch you are missing out on one of the easiest and mose economical Western getaways travel can provide.

Stanislaus Magazine May/June 2013



Elite Equestrian

Cover photo of Burnt Well Guest Ranch and inside story by Mark Bedor detailing a week long cattle drive.

Elite Equestrian Magazine June 2013






Used York City

That being said, I can properly begin to rave about the feel-good feasts at The White Stallion Ranch.  Equipped with an onsite restaurant, the ranch’s all-inclusive nature provides guests with three solid meals a day.  Key word: solid.  Trust me, after all the riding you’ll be doing, comfort food never tasted so good!

UsedYorkCity.Com March 13,2014


The Celebrity Cafe

Figuring out a family vacation that will meet all wants of various family members can be hard, especially with so many different tastes and ideas of what a vacation should be.

However, Rancho de los Caballeros has the answer to everyone’s wants and needs for the perfect family vacation. March 19,2013


The Hotel Guide

On February 14, make a reservation to treat your sweetheart to a romantic evening of fabulous food and music. Take a step back in time in a one-horse sleigh and stay overnight in a cozy lodge room or a cabin.


The Hotel Guide Jan. 29, 2013


CBS Los Angeles

Most People equate dude ranches to the range-riding, dog-wrangling, pot-full-of-beans-eating experience we all watched Billy Crystal endure in the movie "City Slickers." While that experience is available to those who are looking for it, most dude ranches are decidedly different.

CBS Los Angeles Dec. 28, 2012


Group Tour Magazine

Warmth, sunshine and adventure await groups at several Dude Ranchers' Association (DRA) ranches throughout the Southwes.

Group Tour Magazine Dec. 17, 2012


Reunions Magazine

The DRA can help you plan the perfect reunion at one of its all-inclusive dude ranches, incorporating team-building exercises, spa facilities, unique on-site lodging options, and a variety of activities ranging from horseback riding to hiking, fishing and more. Visitors of all ages are able to spend quality time in some of the country’s most awe-inspiring locations, from valleys complete with untouched Rocky Mountain backdrops to desert sunsets across the Southwest.

Reuinions Magazine Dec 2012 Issue



Ranch Life & Rodeo

America Journal, a German language publication recently published an aricle in the November-December issue of AMERICA Journal. It is part of our Ranch Life and Rodeo section on page 96.

America Journal Nov/Dec 2012 Issue





Horizon Travel & Lifestyle

Forgo the ordinary and get ready for "horses, hats, and hospitality" courtesy of The Dude Ranchers' Association.  Offering over one hundred unique ranch experiences through the extensive list of members, every year thousands of people from all walks of life yield to the call of the Wild West.

Horizon Nov 2012 Issue




American Cowboy

Plan your next Western vacation with this definitive list of 253 North American guest ranches.

American Cowboy Oct/Nov 2012 Issue







Fall Travel:  Saddle Up

Boston Globe Magazine ran a story about a guest ranch in the East.  The story was followed up with an interview with Colleen Hodson, Executive Director of the DRA about Dude Ranches in the West

Boston Globe Magazine Sept. 9, 2012





The Country's Top Dude Ranches featured two of the more than 100 DRA accredited ranches in a feature article posted Sunday, July 22, 2012.  This article was also mentioned in the print edition. The writer picked her favorite dude ranches in five categories. Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in British Columbia was selected at the "Most Luxurious." The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch in Shelly, Wyoming, was selected as the "Most Authentic."

Parade Magazine July, 22, 2012



50 Great Escapes:  Riding Vacations

When you're ready for memorable R&R, a vacation that involves horses can be just what the fun-doctor ordered.

Horse & Rider Magazine February 2012






Top 9 Dude Ranch Escapes

Unplug your smartphone and reconnect to the backcountry at our favorite dude ranch spots

Sunset Magazine Article July 2011



Hey Dudes

Why visit a Colorado dude ranch in winter? There are no cows to punch and even horseback riding is iffy. Still, some ranches remain open. And for a few, the season brings unmatched tranquillity and snow-draped beauty. At these five there's lots to do, and as a bonus, some rates are in the deep freeze.

Sunset Magazine, online article



Home on the Range

Who can can say they didn't fantasize about living the cowboy lifestyle as a youngster? Today, city slickers can swap their laptops for Stetsons and ride tail in the saddle on ranching holidays from Canada to Argentina and as far afield as Austrailia. Cowgirl at heart, Marty Clinch, dons her spurs to give the lowdown.

Travel and Leisure Magazine Autumn 2011, page 21




Back in the Saddle, Again

Admit it.Once upon a time, you wanted to be a cowboy.  Evidence? The photo of you, age 6, standing square in your cowboy boots, six-shooter in hand, pint-size 10-gallon hat on your head. The hopeful look that said, “Pony?” As you grew up, the Old West and the pony became an old dream. Ropin’ and ridin’ were not your calling, and the saddle got traded for a seat at the boardroom table. But those youthful fantasies needn’t be dismissed. Today’s guest ranches are rounding up corporate meetings as they become more than a family vacation destination.
By Vickie Mitchell
Small Market Meeting Article Sept 2011


Bed, Breakfast & Branding

Freedom tends to come with a catch. For 19th-century ranchers, it required making concessions to the often-harsh Western Landscape--and sometimes to the Eastern tourist. Today's guest ranches (a.k.a. dude ranches) still work cattle and nurture the land and welcome anyone eager to taste that freedom. Family-friendly and action-packed, the 36 ranches profiled here showcase America at its best. The catch? You can't do it sitting down.  So put on that cowboy hat and get on that horse.  There's work and fun to be done!  By Annika Schaffroth

American Cowboy Article Oct/Nov 2011     View Ad


Cowgirl Up!  Test-Ride Your Cowgirl Side at These 8 Great Dude Ranches!

Dude and guest ranch vacations, where lodging, meals and activities are all included in the cost of your trip, have always been fun for families and couples. Nowadays, when girls just want to have fun, there are plenty of options as well. Ranches across the West have discovered the demand for ladies-only getaways developed specifically for women wranglers and wanna-be Cowgirls.

Cowgirl Magazine Article July/August 2011




The Charms of Ranch Life

Here are 21 guest ranches we recommend that promise to offer what Theodore Roosevelt first extolled in his 1885 Hunting Trips of a Ranchman: “The charm of ranch life comes in its freedom, and the vigorous open-air existence it forces a man to lead.

True West Article May 2011





The Best Ranch Vacations of the West

Not just for dudes any more, the modern-day guest ranch puts you to work. Stays are akin to wrangler apprenticeships. And though we all know that food tastes better after a day on the trail, what cowboy doesn’t appreciate a chef-prepared meal—or a hot tub, for that matter? Here are 23 of our favorite ranches from across the West and beyond.
--Mark Bedor