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2020 Media Coverage

Ranch Ramblings - June 2020 - 8 Unbelievable Dude Ranches To Visit This Summer - all about dude ranching and 8 DRA ranches! - These Montana Dude Ranches Redefine ‘Roughing It’ - mentions the DRA. - 5 Great Places To Ride Horses In America - all about ranch vacations! - Vacation Destinations for Kids Who Struggle - mentions dude ranches. - 26 Vacation Spots for Families with Big Kids - mentions dude ranches. - Scoop: Dude Ranches, An All-Inclusive Family Vacation that Does the Planning for You! - all about dude ranches and DRA! - 5 off-the-grid destinations in North America to unplug and unwind - mentions dude ranches. - CHOOSING A RANCH VACATION FOR YOUR FAMILY - all about dude ranching. - Best Travel Adventures for Families - dude ranching was #2 and mentions 2 DRA members! - 25 Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Families - mentions dude ranches and 2 DRA members! - Virtual Family Travel Ideas - visit a dude ranch was #5.

Cowgirl Magazine - Gems of the West - this was a HUGE feature for dude ranching! The article was all about the history of dude ranching and the DRA and Dude Ranch Foundation! 

Ciao Bambino - Saddle Up for a Dude Ranch Vacation with Our Exclusive 2020 Deals - partnership featured 9 DRA ranches. - Why to Take a Family Vacation on a Dude Ranch - all about the DRA and dude ranching!

Cowgirl Magazine - 8 DRA Ranches To Keep On Your Radar - all about the DRA & 8 DRA ranches!

Family Travel Forum - The Best Family Getaways to Light your Winter - features DRA & dude ranching.

Taking the Kids - Taking The Kids -- On A Winter Adventure That Won't Bust The Budget - mentions DRA & dude ranching – this article was listed on over half a dozen different websites! - Ten Dude Ranches for Families - 9 of the 10 ranches are DRA members! - 8 Once in a Lifetime Family Vacations - Dude Ranch Vacation was #4!

Family Vacation Critic - Are There Any All-Inclusive Resorts in the U.S.? - mentions dude ranch vacations. - 33 Amazing Things to do with Your Family in 2020 - visit a dude ranch was #18!

People Magazine - Fabulous Fun for Fit Families - mentions dude ranching & Lone Mountain Ranch. 

5280 Denver’s Mile High Magazine - Cross-Country Skiing in Colorado: These All-Inclusive Resorts Offer More Than Just Luxury Rooms - all 3 ranches featured are DRA members! 

National Post - Travel the USA for inspiring, unforgettable experiences - mentions dude ranching & features Tanque Verde Ranch’s photo! - Family travel five: Planning ahead is key to reaping vacation benefits - mentions dude ranching. - KIM KARDASHIAN IS WILD ABOUT WYOMING: HERE ARE 5 REASONS WHY - mentions 4 DRA ranches. 

2019 Media Coverage - Why Your Next Vacation Should Be at a Dude Ranch - all about dude ranching, mentions the DRA & C Lazy U Ranch - Family travel five: Why it's important to travel with family  Mentions DRA website - 19 Luxury Couples Vacation Ideas for Winter 2020 - Book a Dude Ranch #6 - 7 Wyoming Ranches That Will Let You Vacation Like Kim and Kanye Without the Price Tag - mentions 4 DRA ranches - The Best Activities to Provide Fun for the Whole Family  - mentions dude ranches - TOP PLACES TO GO FOR FAMILIES IN 2020 - mentions dude ranch vacations - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - DRA is listed - This 85-year-old Bloomfield Hills cowgirl drives cattle across Wyoming - mentions A Bar A Ranch (This article was featured several different places!) - DUDE RANCH VACATIONS FOR FAMILIES - mentions Elk Mountain Ranch & Triangle X Ranch - 5 ranch destinations to consider for your next vacation - 4 of the 5 ranches are DRA members! - Top 9 Dude Ranch Escapes - 6 of the 9 ranches listed are DRA members - The Best All-Inclusive Vacations Around the World - mentions Tanque Verde Ranch - Taking the Kids Away — for Thanksgiving -  mentions dude ranching, Elkhorn Ranch - AZ and Vista Verde Ranch - Family travel five: Back at the ranch - 3 of the 5 ranches mentioned are DRA ranches - HOW TO PLAN THE BEST MULTIGENERATIONAL TRIP EVER - mentions dude ranching & the DRA - 30 Fun All-Inclusive Family Vacations - mentions 3 DRA member ranches - Family Travel Five: Why it’s important to travel with family - mentions DRA website - Real Riding: Guest Ranches Catering to Equestrians - all about 6 DRA ranches and mentions the DRA. - 11 of the world's most luxurious horseback escapes - 3 DRA dude ranches were named - ROAD TRIP USA: GREAT SIGHTS OF THE WEST – MOUNT RUSHMORE, YELLOWSTONE AND THE GRAND TETONS - mentions Paradise Guest Ranch & the DRA - 30 Fun All-Inclusive Family Vacations - Vista Verde ranch was #6! - Postcard from Montana: luxury dude ranch and huge ribeye steaks - mentions Lone Mountain Ranch - Going To The USA? Here Are 20 Great Things To Do! - Experience a dude ranch is #16! - How a Well-Timed Trip to Ojai, California Helped One Writer Overcome Grief - all about Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort - 5 Mother Daughter Trips for Bonding with Teens and Tweens - mentions dude ranching - 30 Top Wellness Retreats – Tanque Verde Ranch & DRA is mentioned - Join the Yeehaw Agenda at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana – all about Lone Mountain Ranch - 7 luxurious holidays that are worth every penny - mentions C Lazy U Ranch - Road Trip Destinations: Autumn in Arkansas - mentions Horseshoe Canyon Guest Ranch

Duderanch.orgNational Dude Ranchers' Association Announces New Executive Director 

TravelAwaits.com10 Great U.S. Dude Ranches That Are Fun For The Whole Family—mentions 8 DRA ranches

Pitstopforkids.comMultigenerational travel tips: vacationing with a large group—mentions dude ranching

TripsToDiscover.comBest Dude Ranches For Families7 out of the 8 are DRA member ranches!

CreateKidsClub.comDUDE RANCH COLORADO: BAR LAZY J GUEST RANCHDRA press trip to Bar Lazy J Ranch

GlobalMunchkins.com5 REASONS A DUDE RANCH VACATION AT THE CM IS AMAZING!-DRA press trip to CM Ranch—15 Best Places to Enjoy an Unforgettable Family Vacation—mentions dude ranching

LuxuryTravelMagazine.comKevin Costner's 'Yellowstone' Stokes Demand for Dude Ranch Vacations—mentions Red Reflet Ranch and High Lonesome Ranch  

Dailymom.comTanque Verde Guest Ranch: The Best Dude Ranch for Multi-Generational Travel— story about Tanque Verde  Ranch

Business Insider—I toured a Jackson Hole dude ranch where people pay more than $2,100 to try living like a cowboy for a week. Here's what it looks like.— story about Gros Ventre River Ranch

Foreign PolicyTop 6 Original Outdoor Vacation Activities—mentions Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

10best.comBest hotels and hotel amenities in the country for 2019—C Lazy U Ranch Best Destination Resort

Seattlemag.comFive Autumn Activities You Can Only Find in Sandpoint, Idahomentions Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

AmericanSpa.comMeet Mountain Sky Wellness Center's Wellness Director Natalie Gilbert– Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

KiwanoHotels.comBehind the Green with Flat Creek Ranch in Wyoming— story about Flat Creek Ranch

Travelocity.com10 Amazing Ranch Vacations You Can Book Right Now—mentions Tanque Verde Ranch

TripstoDiscover.comTop 9 All-Inclusive Resorts in the United Statesmentions Vista Verde Ranch

NorthPheonixFamily.comTrippin’ With Mama B: Tanque Verde—story about Tanque Verde Ranch

Carhartt.comHORSEBACK RIDING FOR BEGINNERSmentions Rankin Ranch

10best.comBest Destination Resort: Readers crown C Lazy U RanchC Lazy U  Ranch was #1

Jhnewsandguide.comTour opens window into ranching worldmentions Triangle X Ranch

Mtstandard.comGroup offers September extreme sports events for veteransmentions Upper Canyon Outfitters

MercuryNews.comArizona getaway: Dude ranches, horses and Wild West adventure— all about White Stallion, Rancho de la Osa, and Tombstone Monument Ranch

DallasNews.comRanch at Emerald Valley keeps traditions alive in ColoradoThe Broadmoor’s Ranch at Emerald Valley

USAtoday.com10 great adventures for ordinary travelers, from whitewater rafting to ziplines—mentions C Lazy U  Ranch

RawlinsTimes.comIn 'plane' sight—mentions A Bar A Ranch


TravelToWellness.comUnbridled Retreat with Devon Combs at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch—all about Sylvan Dale Ranch

Hotel-Scoop.comGet Back in the Saddle at Family-friendly Greenhorn Ranch in California’s Lost Sierra—all about Greenhorn Ranch

Forbes.comVisit One Of Montana’s Best Guest Ranches Near Yellowstone National Park— story about Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

Arrival.travel3 Women Blazing New Paths in Outdoor Tours & Activities– mentions Allen’s Diamond 4 Ranch

5280.comHike We Like: South Fork Trail #1100.3A— mentions Home Ranch

Vogue.comA New Yoga Retreat in Montana Promises Wellness-Meets-Wilderness— story about Lone Mountain Ranch

Prnewswire.comColorado Honors Its Native Peoples With Events and Offerings to Educate & Inspire— mentions Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

Scmp.comAt historic Arizona ranch on the border with Mexico, follow in the footsteps of US presidents and a certain John Wayne— story about Rancho de la Osa 

Cowgirl Magazine - Your Dream Vacation is Waiting! And it all starts with a look at these amazing Dude Ranchers' Association destinations.

Denver’s Mile High Magazine - What to Know Before Taking an Epic Dude Ranch Vacation - mentions 5 DRA Colorado ranches 

Washington Post - Life’s more than a beach. Four mountain towns to visit this summer - mentions Moose Head Ranch

Born to be Boomers - Top 5 Bucket List Travel Spots to Take the Grandkids - mentions dude ranches and links to DRA website - Time to Book Your Vacation, & Multi-Generational Family Vacation Ideas for 2019 - What Is A Dude Ranch? Why I Spent My Time Off In The Snow Instead Of The Sand - 8 Awesome, All-Inclusive Resorts that You Don’t Need a Passport to Visit 

AAA Colorado - 2019 Summer Fun Colorado Dude Ranches - Best American Riding Ranches for your Next Vacation  - Mentions and links to the DRA and five DRA ranches - For Multi-generational Travel, Think Outside the Mouse  - Mentions dude ranches

Indiana Gazette - Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: A country inn, dude ranch and mountain hideaway marks 100th anniversary - Featured C Lazy U Ranch

The New York Times - Levi’s, Whose Jeans Are a Rugged Symbol of Americana, Prepares to Go Public - Mentions dude ranch vacations - Here are 7 dude ranches to visit in Upstate NY - Mentions the DRA - Park County Travel Council expands marketing campaigns  - mentions dude ranches

Luxurytravelersguide - Dude Ranch Vacation is the way to enjoy Eco-tourism in the US West - Included the DRA and seven DRA ranches

Better Homes & Gardens - Here’s How to Plan the Best Family Vacation, Based on Your Personality - Mentions and links to the DRA

TakingtheKids - Taking the Kids -- a Different Way to Have Some Fun in the Snow - Mentions three DRA ranches and the DRA - Multi-Generational Family Vacation Ideas for 2019 - Mentions - 12 Top-Rated Family Vacations in the US - mentions Tanque Verde Ranch

Luxury Travelers Guide - Enjoy the Best of Dude Ranches in Winter.  - These 10 Dude Ranches Make for Magical Winter Vacations.,, Bostonherald, thecourier, along with several other smaller papers - 5 Expert Choices for Winter Vacation - they included dude ranches. – Dude Ranches: Western Adventure Vacations of a lifetime. & - Your Kids Won’t Be Bored on These 30 Fun Family Vacations- Included Triple J Ranch!!

Familyvacationcritic – Ten Winter Vacations that will make you forget about skiing. Included C Lazy U Ranch. – Wyoming Dude Ranch, Eatons’ Ranch. - 10 Family Vacation Destinations Better Than Disney – Dude ranch vacations were listed first.

Matadornetwork – Family Trips We Love for 2019 – Dude ranches made the list.

Luxurytravelersguide  - White Water Rafting Float Trips at Dude Ranches. - They posted several dude ranch stories this past month featuring several DRA members.

We3travel - 10 Best Vacations for Teens – dude ranches made the list

Themeetingmagazine - Connecting Through Team-building

luxurytravelersguide - The most interesting things to do during a trip to the Grand Canyon. Highlighting Arizona ranches.

Only in Your State - There’s Something Special About These 9 Wyoming Farms from The Past

The Passport Chronicles - Why Your Next Vacation Should Be A Dude Ranch!

Luxury Travelers Guide - How to enjoy the best road trip to Yellowstone National Park

The Travel Channel - 10 Mindful Vacations That May Change Your Life - A dude Ranch Vacation was one of the 10. - 25 Best All-all-inclusive resorts in the United States - dude Ranches made the list - 5 Activities for Teens at a Colorado Dude Ranch - Press Trip - Why These Awesome Multi-Sport Vacations Should Be Your Next - Dude ranch vacations were included as an option.

National Geographic - Top 10 Things to do in Montana - included DRA ranches. - 3 Nature-Centric Escapes: Fall in Love with the Great Outdoors - The Best All-Inclusive Resorts in the United States for Families - 13 Family Vacations That Are Better Than Disney World    

USA TODAY: Wyoming Dude Ranches Sell ‘Horses, Hats, History and Hospitality’  - There are so many things to try and experience at a dude ranch.  Denim and Diamonds: An unforgettable escape at Dude Ranches with your BFF - 15 All-Inclusive Resorts That Literally No One in Your Family Will Complain About - America’s Best Dude Ranches with Women’s Programs and Events.

National Parks Traveler print and on-line - Saddle Up For Your Next National Park Escape

The Atlanta - Girls Just Want to Have FUN

Star - 5 ideas for grandparents to consider for a getaway with the kids 

Luxury Travelers Guide – Would You Consider the Idea of Having Your Wedding on a Guest Ranch?

Luxury Travelers Guide – Denim and Diamonds: An Unforgettable Escape at a Dude Ranch with your BFF

Visit USA Parks – Kick off Your Boots for an Authentic Dude Ranch Vacation!

Elite Equestrian Magazine - 5 ways the DRA Curates your Travel Experience

Chicago Parent Magazine and Website – Mother-Daughter Dude Ranch Getaway

National Park Journal – Yellowstone – Find Your Inner Cowboy and - 51 Great Summer Family Vacations

The Atlanta Journal – Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Horses, Hats, History, Honesty, Heart, and Hospitality Make It a Dude Ranch Vacation

National Parks Traveler Guide – Ride off into the West and a National Park from a Dude Ranch - Wild West Dude Ranches: 14 of the Best Places to Reconnect with Your Family - Dude Ranches for an Unforgettable and Luxurious Vacation - Tools for the Traveler – Taking Advantage of Shoulder Season - Most Luxurious Dude Ranches 6 Dude Ranches Across The Country To Escape To This Fall With Your BFF 10 Fun Family Vacations for Multigenerational Travelers What is the Difference Between a Dude Ranch and a Guest Ranch? Also included a video “Why horse lovers need to watch this” Dude Ranches are Real So Saddle Up Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Roundup, HOME IMPROVEMENT's Debbe Dunning to Star in New Adventure Travel Series for RFD-TV all about Dude Ranches.

Financial Advisor Magazine 10 Exclusive Ranches For Discovering Your Inner Cowboy  Finding the Wild West in Wyoming  Wanna Try Glamping In A Covered Wagon? Go With Goosewing Ranch 50 Farm Stay Vacation Spots for Families in Each State Alternatives abound for non-skiers in Ski Country Why Luxury Dude Ranches Are the New Glamping Dude Ranches Where You Won't Exactly Be Roughing It & Seattle Times 5 guest ranches with cozy cabins, campfires and lots of horses, & Ten places you can reconnect as a family

Albuquerque Journal Guests Ranches offer visitors an Old West experience The Great American Family Holiday On a Dude Ranch 



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