West Elk Wilderness

The West Elk Mountains comprise a large remote wilderness west of Gunnison. The volcanic ridges and long valleys of this area offer countless opportunities for extended expeditions. As an added benefit, West Elk receives relatively few visitors outside of hunting season, probably because the area lacks fourteeners or numerous alpine lakes which typically attract recreational users. Secluded trips are readily attainable in West Elk, Colorado's fifth largest wilderness.

As seen at http://www.coloradowilderness.com/wildpages/westelk.html

Smith Fork Ranch

Crawford, Colorado

Smith Fork Ranch is surrounded by the West Elk Wilderness.  The area is thousands of acres, home to a diverse array of wildlife, botanical, and mineral deposits. Our helpful guides can lead you through the woods to learn more about the wonderful environment that surrounds Smith Fork Ranch.  Whether an all day hike with astounding views, a leisurely photography walk through the fall aspens, or a horseback adventure - the untamed and untouched West Elk Wilderness is a treasure that guests of SFR will truly enjoy.

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