Sequoia National Park

John Muir reflected that giant sequoia groves are “not like places, they are like haunts.” He captured well the challenge of defining a sequoia grove. They are places in the sense they can be put on a map and characterized by area, number of trees, and sizes of trees. Describing the feeling and experience of being in a grove is harder. Consider exploring a giant sequoia grove for yourself.

Rankin Ranch

Caliente, California

Rankin Ranch is located at the southern end of the Sequoia National Forest.  The forest encompasses 631 square miles and is known for its giant sequoia trees.  One popular area to visit within the forest is the Trail of 100 Giants (Long Meadow Grove).  It offers a nice walking trail with interpretive signs.  It is located approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes from the ranch.  The ranch and the national park both offer iconic American West experiences.


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