Hideout Ranch | Portal, Arizona

  • Minimum: $250
  • Maximum: $275
  • Email: info@hideoutranch.com
  • Phone: 855.879.4433 520.558.4433
  • Location: Portal, Arizona
  • Closest Airport: Tucson
  • Elevation: 4300 feet
  • Guest Capacity: 12
  • Open: January 1 - Dec 31
  • Check In/Out: Remember, dinner is at 6:30. You'll want to arrive in the daylight., and it is three hours from the airport to the ranch. -
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About Hideout Ranch

Do you want to ride ancient trails through dramatic mountain landscapes? Follow an old stagecoach trail along easy slopes to the ruins of a historic fort? Discover hidden canyons in the morning? Explore arroyos on the grazing range of a true western guest ranch in the afternoon?

Hideout Ranch's strategic location gives us easy access to thousands of miles of mountain and high desert riding trails and trails no other ranch in Southeastern Arizona rides. With so many options, our riding program offers everyone an amazing vacation on horseback.

History surrounds Hideout Ranch, and every ride covers the same ground Apache, US soldiers, bad guys, good guys, and thousands of unknown but brave, determined settlers put their feet upon decades and decades ago. There are myriad spots intricately woven into the historical fabric of the American West, fascinating areas well-known to and revered by legendary figures Wyatt Earp and his brothers, Doc Holliday, the Clantons and McLaurys, Pancho Villa, Billy the Kid, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Places like Turkey Creek where Johnny Ringo was found shot between the eyes with no clue still today of who pulled the trigger, and Skeleton Canyon, just miles down the road, where Geronimo, who broke away from Cochise's band and continued the fight against the US Army for years, finally surrendered.

Hideout Ranch is one of the last bastions of the West where the strength, stillness, independence, and resilience of the cowboy is encouraged, cultivated, and lauded. We ride our horses the way genuine cowboys rode their horses as they explored the frontier and settled the west as partners teamed against a vast wilderness. Like them, we ride at a measured pace to drink in the wonders of a land waiting to be explored by our guests. New riders have put their boot in a stirrup for the first time at Hideout Ranch, and learned more about themselves while riding than they knew they didn't know. Experienced riders and horse owners have come to join us, and discovered their own inner cowboys while riding our unbelievable trails. Every ride is a chance to expand the experience as if each step is a lesson not only on horseback, but in life.

Our seasoned horses are personable, trail-savvy companions for "greenhorns" and experienced riders alike. A few days at Hideout Ranch, your guest ranch on the Arizona-New Mexico border, and you'll be as comfortable on horseback as you are on the back porch, watching the sun set as night creeps across the pastures.

Cowboys did what they had to do, reaching deep for the strength and resolve to forge a civilization out of a raw frontier. Likewise, at Hideout Ranch, we build on the strength and resolve of our own inner cowboy to help our guests set out on the trail to discovery.

At Hideout Ranch, our goal is to give our guests as much horse knowledge and information as they can absorb. We have years of experience introducing "greenhorns" to riding and re-schooling riders from one discipline to another in the arena and on the trail. Hideout lessons include all aspects of horsemanship. Think of your visit as a practical lab in Horse 101.

You'll learn to:
Approach the horse you want to catch
Halter properly and safely
Groom thoroughly, including a demonstration of the various brushes and their specific purpose
Pick out hooves, learning the proper method and reasons why
Saddle, and the proper use of blankets and pads, fit of the saddle, and method of saddling
Bridle, and the method of fitting the bit and headstall with a brief perspective on various bits
Mount and sit properly in a Western saddle Use your seat and leg instead of your hands
Stop and start safely, and control your mount at all times
Keep your horse's attention

For the safety of our horses and comfort of our guests, we have a 240-lb. weight limit.

Ranch Dining: The Red Dog kitchen is a busy place, cooking up good, hearty ranch food. Steaming on platters and in bowls on the Harvest Table, hungry guests load their plates and gather around long ranch tables to enjoy a sumptuous supper and swap stories about their day's adventure. Ranch specialties include Cowboy Stew, Apple Sausages, and Steak Night. Our cook spoils guests with fresh desserts, special requests, and a wide variety of homemade deliciousness. Unique diets are happily accommodated.
Ranch Activities: Hideout Ranch focuses on horseback riding to fantastic destinations, but there are myriad other activities available. There are as many places to hike as there are to ride (but it is more fun on horseback...). You're welcome to tour area historic sites, mines, and ghost towns, or indulge in the vast opportunities for photography, stargazing, and bird watching (the valley is a major migratory path for hundreds of species). Rockers and spool chairs on the Red Dog porch are perfect for relaxing..
Ranch Lodging: When you stay at Hideout Ranch, you're actually in a Western town, complete with hitching rails and Guests have privacy in cozy, individual accommodations, but with a sense of community. You'll feel the peace of the mountains, the warmth of the sunrise, and hear the song of the wind through the grass. Aside from captivating views, comfortable homes-away-from-home, and the friendly, Old Western hospitality of the Red Dog Saloon, the town has also WiFi and laundry facilities.


  • - Horse Safety Program
  • - Bird Watching
  • - Cattle work
  • - Hiking
  • - National Park Trips
  • - Camping - Pack Trips
  • - Rock Climbing
  • - Shooting Sports


  • - 8-20


  • - Ranch/Western
  • - Special Diets Accommodated


  • - All day ride
  • - Half day rides
  • - Fast rides
  • - Private lessons
  • - Group lessons
  • - Family rides
  • - Advanced rides
  • - Beginner rides
  • - Intermediate rides

Dates Open:

  • - January
  • - February
  • - March
  • - April
  • - May
  • - June
  • - July
  • - August
  • - September
  • - October
  • - November
  • - December

Length of Stay:

  • - 3 nights

Lodging and Amenities:

  • - Airport Shuttle
  • - Cabins
  • - Internet
  • - Petting Zoo

Specialty Events/Weeks:

  • - Cattle Drive

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund up to 60 days prior to scheduled arrival.
Located in: Portal, Arizona
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