How Can We Help

Media relations resources of the Dude Ranchers' Association and its members

Are you working on a story about dude ranches and the Dude Ranchers’ Association? We’re here to help make your job easier by providing the below media relations services. Contact us if you have a media-related need that isn’t listed here.

Dude Ranchers' Association Media Relations

The DRA assists journalists and editors with assignments and suggest a wide range of story ideas. Coordinate press trips for representatives of the media. Restrictions may apply.

  • Fact-checking of articles about DRA-accredited dude ranches.
  • Itinerary development – Itineraries can be customized based on interests and length of stay. We will do our best to accommodate your special requests.
  • Online image library – Provides images of DRA-accredited ranches upon request. Restrictions apply. Please contact us for additional images.
  • Provide background information on the DRA and dude ranches, including accommodations, cuisine, meetings and conventions, entertainment, outdoor adventure, travel-related services and more!
  • Schedule interviews with DRA or individual dude ranch representatives.