Why a Ranch Vacation is the Perfect Destination for you

Ideal vacations allow for a perfect blend of adventure, recreation, and rejuvenation, at the same time maintaining a level of affordability that allows you to depart without spending more than you planned. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family man, or a friend vacationing with friends, you aren’t alone in your search for the optimal vacation experience. With respect to your many options, there’s an often-unsung choice that exists as one of America’s premiere vacation options. High-class hotels, destination outings, and stay-in vacations all have their place, but if you haven’t yet discovered the unique relaxation style and way of life that is a traditional ranch vacation, you’re selling yourself short. Stay tuned to discover the reasons why you deserve an authentic ranch vacation, the perfect destination vacation. 

Ranch Vacation


1. Immersion into Local Wildlife

Sure, it’s great when your hotel or vacation rental features a panoramic view of the surrounding nature. The only thing better than a view of a beautiful landscape is the capacity to live on the land itself. This opportunity is afforded to you exclusively with a ranch vacation, when you forfeit the worries of the world for a few days of natural living. You’ll familiarize yourself with the lay of the land, all while sharing the territory with natural wildlife. Between the fresh air and the night stars, you’ll find yourself well entertained.

For those lovers of the outdoors, this unique vacation opportunity gets you closer to the nature you’re dying to see. Relax under the stars, live off the land, and eat like the cowboys, for a vacation that boasts a completely different feel: this is the excuse to experience a vacation that puts you in contact with the great outdoors. If immersion into local wildlife is on your bucket list, it’s time you crossed it off with a ranch vacation.

Ranch Vacation


2. Fun for All Ages

The diversity of activities available to you with any authentic ranch vacation is nearly unparalleled. No matter your age or skill set, you can find a home at a ranch. The focal point is obviously the time you’re privileged to spend on a horse, honing your horseback riding skills before qualified riding experts and staff. Bring friends or family along, whether they’re first-time or experienced riders, to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment.

Available riding packages often include day trips, nature and mountain rides, rides set to a specific trail, hunting outings, and more. Make sure to call ahead and determine the available rides that match your prospective arrival date.

Even if you’re not into horseback riding, you’ve arrived at a haven for a wide range of engaging, dynamic opportunities. Expansive ranch estates allow you to take advantage of each amenity onsite, where tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, campfire pits, rock climbing, hay rides, cooking classes, and more are likely to be found. Beat the rain with indoor attractions like pool tables and recreational rooms, before discovering parks in the local vicinity.

Ranch Vacation


3. Rejuvenation at Your Own Pace

When it comes to ranch vacationing, sometimes the best activity isn’t one. Such an immersive, organic outdoor experience allows you to get to know the lay of the land around you. This experience allows you to understand firsthand the importance of relaxation while on the premises. Whether you’re awake early to catch a sunrise over the distant horizon, hiking in search of local birds, or simply settling down with a good book in a comfortable niche, you’ll discover a pace of life well conducive for your own enjoyment, under blue ranch skies. Stay outside to experience a clear night, uninterrupted by city lights or traffic. Wake and sleep at a time comfortable for you, and venture outdoors at your own leisure. Ranch silence is rejuvenating as any remedy you’re likely to find elsewhere on vacation.

 Ranch Vacation


4. Live Unplugged 

Life today, at least on the corporate end, is inundated with notifications, emails, phone calls, social media, networking, and technology. Research shows, and ranchers agree, that to abandon your cell phone and computer, even for a short period of time, provides you a freedom you’re not going to experience anywhere else. Live life untethered from the pull of corporate responsibility, when you abandon the devices causing the stress in favor of the wide-open countryside. There aren’t many better upgrades than the moment you trade a desk or a cubicle for the expansive, territorial freedom of a ranch vacation.

Ranch Vacation


5. Bonds Set to Last a Lifetime 

If you’re looking to get close to those individuals who join you on your ranch vacation, rest assured that a ranch outing brings everyone closer together. Something about the atmosphere, the shared camaraderie, and the collective experience of enjoying together an alternative vacation makes for easy memories all around. And with the friendly, knowledgeable staff waiting onsite at your nearest ranch destination, you’ll form bonds with family, friends, and ranch expert alike.

Ranches are unique in the communal bonds formed between those who participate in their upkeep. The sense of togetherness runs deep among ranchers, and they’re sure to pass that love for the land on to you and the entire vacation party. Grow closer together with those special people in your life, all while bonding over your awe-inspiring location, exciting activities, and wonderful proximity to local landmarks and recreation. Make new friends, strengthen old relationships, and establish an entirely new set of memories of a ranch setting no one is likely to soon forget.

Ranch Vacation


6. Escape to a Ranch Today

When it’s time to escape your cell phone for even a day or two, find yourself onsite at a working ranch, where you’re introduced to wide open spaces, clear skies and sunny days. Whether you’re atop a horse, chasing the kids through green grass, or hiking well-maintained wilderness, a ranch vacation is your ticket to rejuvenation like you’ve never before experienced it. Sometimes, it pays to pursue an unconventional vacation style! So long as you’re looking to feel refreshed and revitalized after your next vacation, it’s time you set your sites on the nearest ranch.

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Ranch Vacation



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Ideal vacations allow for a perfect blend of adventure, recreation, and rejuvenation, at the same time maintaining a level of affordability that allows you to depart without spending more than you planned. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family man, or a friend vacationing with friends, you aren’t alone in your search for the optimal vacation experience.

The Western dude ranch rejuvenates & boosts health

According to experts, taking a vacation is good for your health.  Despite this fact, Americans and Canadians tend to shortchange their vacation time, often leaving earned time on the table or taking a day here and a day there instead of a week or more at one stretch. The Western dude ranch rejuvenates & boosts health.

Since 1926 the Dude Ranchers’ Association shaped and established the highest quality standards in the guest ranch industry. A DRA (as it’s known,) guest ranch is the epitome of a Western holiday and providing both the time and environment to foster good health. Surrounded by spectacular beauty, far from the noise and crowds of fast-paced cities, serenity comes easy to each guest.

According to the career website, Workopolis, “Psychologists say that it takes five to seven days to de-stress from work, so doing it piecemeal can be counter productive. Most of the studies show people need about two weeks in one block a year to feel the benefits of a vacation.”  During summer the majority of DRA guest ranches operate in week-long increments, allowing guests the time to unwind, settle in and savor the experience. In addition to horsemanship, ranches offer activities satisfying the recreational and social needs of each generation. Tennis clinics, mountain biking, rock climbing, zip-lining, bird watching, crafts, hiking, whitewater rafting, and golf; each can be enjoyed during a  Western ranch vacation. Some ranches also offer known stress reducers like yoga, meditation, massages and other soothing spa treatments.

The Home Dude Ranch Yoga Retreat for your health

Dude ranches are ideal places for kids and families to re-connect.  Without the typical distractions of TV, phones, computers and electronic games, families spend quality time together sometimes just hanging out on the porch swing or sitting around the campfire. There are more than 100 members of the Dude Ranchers’ Association in the Western US and Canada.  Each is a little different but each DRA dude ranch vacation is the most potent tonic to combat the stress caused by the uncertain times we live in.  Check out our website at www.duderanch.org or e-mail us at colleen@duderanch.org.


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