Employment Opportunities on a Dude or Guest Ranch

Dude Ranch Employment

Has your dream job always been of working with a fun, tight-knit team that makes the whole operation run smoothly? Maybe you have wanted to be a part of a “family” that all have a common goal, providing an unforgettable vacation to guests - all while living out your own adventure. Would you like the opportunity to be around new people, experiences, scenery, and landscape? At a dude or guest ranch, you can find the answers to these questions, find a great work environment and make these dreams come true! Go somewhere you have never been and experience the true meaning of rewarding work. 

Dude and guest ranches offer many exciting benefits, some even life-changing. Working at a ranch can bring you into contact with amazing people that might just have the offer of a lifetime for you. You will get the chance to truly enjoy and work in the great outdoors and create memories that you will not forget. You can develop relationships with people from all over the world and find surprising opportunities where you may have never thought possible. 

This all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Working with a great group of people, experiencing a new place, riding horses and having a seasonal job that you will always remember are just a few things you will appreciate while working on a dude or guest ranch. There is one thing to remember though, no matter what job you have on a dude ranch, hard work will be a requirement. Another good thing to remember is that on a dude or guest ranch, there is no such thing as “that is not my job.” As a team, everyone is expected to put on their boots and help out in all different departments when help is needed. There is always fun to be had even while working, but to make sure the job is done correctly and efficiently, it takes precision and a strong work ethic. If you want to do all of the wonderful things mentioned above and you are a hard worker, a dude or guest ranch job may be the job for you this season! 

Dude Ranch Employment

Not only are dude ranches open in the summer, but several are open in the wintertime too! No matter what time of year, there are always seasonal jobs available for a variety of positions. Horse experience is not necessary for many jobs at a dude ranch. Some positions that you might find at a dude or guest ranch would be:

• Maintenance

• Housekeeping

• Waitstaff

• Chef/Cook

• Prep Cook 

• Dishwasher

• Wrangler

• Kids’ Coordinator

• Fly Fishing Guide

• Office/Marketing Personnel

• Irrigator/Farmer

Now you may be thinking, working on a dude ranch sounds like a great idea, but how and where do I find the information to research jobs and apply? The Dude Ranchers’ Association member ranches have the ability to post job openings at their ranch on the DRA website at www.duderanch.org/employment. Here you will find current job openings, details on the positions available and the necessary contact information. You will also have the ability to look at the ranch’s profile to learn about the property and see what they have to offer for their guests and determine if it would be a good fit for you. 

The DRA also has a bi-monthly newsletter that goes out to all of the member ranches and offers individuals searching for employment an opportunity to run a short employment ad for only $10. This is a great way to show ranches that you are serious about finding a great job at a ranch!  

What are you waiting for? Find your dream job today!

Dude Ranch Employment

5 Tips for Scoring a Last Minute Dude Ranch Job

By Patty Ceglio, Web Recruiting & Seasonal HR Specialist for CoolWorks.com Summer is almost here and while most dude ranches are currently staffed, there a good number still filling last minute vacancies or increasing staff to meet business demands. Cool Works, a national board for jobs in great places, has experienced a 30 percent increase in summer job listings this year and currently has 152 posts for employers pushing to fill positions in the next few weeks. While urban summer jobs may be in decline, there are more opportunities in 2014 than in recent years for last minute job seekers to land a position at a guest ranch.   Cool Works offers these five tips to job seekers hoping to land at a ranch this summer:

  • Check Your Bucket List – For job seekers who don’t know where to start, identify locations of interest or activities you’ve always wanted to try. Interested in seeing Glacier National Park or the Grand Canyon in your time off? Love the water and want to be near it? Use these interests to help narrow down focus to a few locations and start looking for ranches in those areas.
  • Think Adventurously – Don’t be afraid to explore outside your comfort zone. Sure, a dude ranch job may be across the country but it offers perks that many summer jobs won’t such as on-site housing and meals. Many employers even throw this in as part of the package.
  • Be Flexible – Consider a variety of positions and locations. Those who approach the job hunt with an open mind and a willingness to do anything are likely to score a job in a great place.
  • Exude Professionalism – Just because this is a summer job doesn’t mean you can take the application process casually. Slang and short form won’t go far with ranch employers. Fill out applications using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation and be willing to download and fill out PDFs if necessary to submit an application. Additionally, provide reputable references on each application – workers with limited experience can turn to a teacher, former employer or coach who can speak to work ethic and aptitudes - avoid using friends or peers.
  • Leverage Your Connections - Your social networks, both on and offline can be a great resource for finding the perfect summer job. Check your social media sites for friends and relatives who may be working at dude ranch and find out if their employer is still hiring.  Consider touching base with ranch where you spent your childhood years on vacation and find out if they are looking for summer counselors or to fill other positions

To check out the ranch jobs in great places available through Cool Works, visit http://www.coolworks.com/ranch-jobs. Patty Ceglio is the Web Recruiting & Seasonal HR Specialist for CoolWorks.com. CoolWorks.com has been central to the summer job and seasonal job market niche since 1995. True to the company’s mantra, the Cool Works® "home office" is located on the Yellowstone River, just outside the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, MT.

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