The Best Dude Ranch Spas

    Best Dude Ranch Spas

     Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. However, research shows that it takes a few days for a person to TRULY begin to relax on a vacation. But a day at the spa on a dude ranch definitely can’t hurt in speeding up the process of de-stressing! Here are some lush dude ranch spas that will leave you feeling recharged and renewed during your vacation:

Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort | Solvang, CA

Best Dude Ranch Spa

     Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort has a top-notch spa center. Offering nine different massages that will cater to everyone from the mommies-to-be to the cowboy and cowgirls before and after their rides. Along with their broad range of massages, Alisal also offers three different facial treatments: an antiaging facial, vitamin-C infused and a customized rejuvenating facial. Whether you schedule a whole spa day or slip in after a long day of riding, Alisal’s spa center will SURELY relax you during your dude ranch vacation!

C Lazy U Ranch | Granby, CO

Best Dude Ranch Spa

     C Lazy U Ranch’s massages and facials are to-die-for! In addition to these, they offer a detoxifying and toning body wrap. This peaceful treatment begins with an exfoliation followed by a cocoon-like body wrap that will immerse your body in nutrients to detoxify and brighten your skin. C Lazy U also offers a decadent body scrub treatment that is the perfect solution after a dusty trail ride. This scrub will leave your skin looking supple, refreshed and deeply moisturized! And last, but certainly not least, C Lazy U offers copper tub soaks that every cowboy and cowgirl will enjoy. Soak away any stress while enjoying views of the Continental Divide. (Pro tip: Order a bottle of wine or champagne in advance for ultimate relaxation!)

Lost Creek Ranch | Moose, WY

Best Dude Ranch Spa

     Want to relax in the beauty and solitude of the Grand Tetons? Lost Creek Ranch is the place to do it! Nothing beats a rejuvenating mineral bath and facial after your first day in the saddle. After your cozy, peaceful bath, melt away your worries and tired muscles with an open-air massage (you didn’t come this far to be inside!). Once you’ve concluded your spa treatment, grab a light snack and some fruit and enjoy the mountain views by the pool. Lost Creek is any weary traveler’s dream come true!

Rancho de los Caballeros | Wickenburg, AZ

Best Dude Ranch Spa

     Rancho de los Caballeros offers a seemingly endless menu of spa options: bath soaks, body scrubs, wraps, massages, manicures, pedicures, and even hair and makeup services! This ranch has one of the most diverse facial menus with services designed specifically for the needs of dry, sun-damaged skin (you are in Arizona after all). A must-have treatment with immediate results you will be able to see and feel is the oxygenating facial. This revolutionary treatment improves circulation and eliminates toxins leaving the skin absolutely illuminated. Rancho de los Caballeros hasn’t forgotten about the cowboys that need to be pampered! Their spa also offers a grooming facial that includes a customized treatment along with grooming of the eyebrows, ears and nose. This will be a perfect Arizona retreat!

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch | Tucson, AZ

Best Dude Ranch Spa

     Relieve your mind, relax your muscles and reduce your stress at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. Their massages include a therapeutic “Ranchers Dream Aroma Touch Therapy” massage which uses eight therapeutic grade essential oils to reduce and eliminate your daily stresses. This treatment also enhances your immune system, reduces inflammation and will create balance in your body. Follow this with one of their lavish body wraps and facials that will replenish your skin and leave you revitalized and hydrated. Tanque Verde Guest Ranch’s spa will surely help you wind down after an adventurous day in the desert.

The Broadmoor's Ranch at Emerald Valley | Colorado Springs, CO

Best Dude Ranch Spa

     The Spa at the Broadmoor boasts an infinite list of spa treatments and services: hydrotherapies, facials, massages, body treatments, waxing services, and hair and makeup services. We’ve narrowed it down to their three decadent packages: The “Queen Bee” package beings with a divine honey-based wrap with an agave nectar massage. This package is followed by a manicure and pedicure. Your second option is the “Wine Down” package. This begins with a 30-minute sugar scrub, succeeded by a 50-minute Swedish massage with olavie wine therapy oil, and ends with a signature manicure and pedicure. The third package is the “B.F.F.” This well-rounded package opens with a 50-minute massage, followed by a 50-minute custom facial, and concludes with a pedicure. No matter which package you select, you will certainly be left rejuvenated and restored. 

     The services offered in dude ranch spas are good for the body, mind, and soul. Massages can not only help ease altitude discomfort but also help in boosting your immune system after traveling. Facials and body treatments will nourish your skin after riding in the sun all day and are a great treat for yourself to help you destress. No matter which dude ranch spa you visit, it will truly be a pampering experience you never knew you needed! For more information on dude ranches with spas contact a dude ranch specialist at the Dude Ranchers’ Association today! Email us at or give us a call 307-587-2339! We represent over 95 dude and guest ranches in the Western United States and Canada, we will help you find the ranch of your dreams!

Best Dude Ranch Spas  Best Dude Ranch Spas  Best Dude Ranch Spas

How to Choose the Best Dude Ranch for Your Next Vacation!

Choosing the Best Dude Ranch for your Next Vacation! 

Are you ready to plan your next vacation that will create memories to last a lifetime? We have the perfect vacation for you, a dude ranch vacation! Dude ranches are the quintessential vacation setting to come together with your family and friends to forge memories that no one will soon forget. You have the first step and question answered, what type of vacation do we want to go on? Next, you need to pick a dude ranch. “How in the world do I do that, there are hundreds to choose from!?” The answer is simple; choose one of the 95+ member ranches of the Dude Ranchers’ Association (DRA), representing the best dude ranches in the West since 1926! When you vacation at a DRA member ranch you can be sure of a quality vacation. In order for the DRA’s members to join the Association, they must endure a rigorous inspection and approval process that ensures guests are treated to genuine western hospitality combined with the lodging industry’s highest standards.

The DRA has the top dude ranch experts in the West to help you find the perfect ranch to fit your needs and wants. There are usually four main questions they ask to help narrow down the list for each traveler. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best dude ranch for your next vacation! 

CM Trail Ride Dude Ranch

CM Ranch, WY

1. What time of year are you wanting to visit a dude ranch? 

Knowing what time of the year you want to travel is very important in determining what dude ranch you will choose for your vacation. If you are wanting to visit in the summertime, the ranches in the northwest will be the optimal options. These ranches will experience warm days and cooler nights during the summer and allow for a few more outdoor activities like fly-fishing on open waters and river rafting through white water rapids. Although there are several ranches in the south that are open in the summer, you must remember the temperatures can get uncomfortably high and limit the number of activities available. But, if you are looking to travel in the fall or winter, the south is the ideal location. Warmer days in the desert, being able to swim in the pool and lay in the sun will definitely help cure the winter blues! The DRA does also has a few northern ranches that are open in the wintertime and offer winter riding and snow activities! Weather conditions are the number one determining factor to keep in mind when choosing the best dude ranch for your group. 

Kay El Bar Dude Ranch View

Kay El Bar Guest Ranch, AZ

2. Where do you want to go geographically? 

This question goes hand in hand with the above question, but it is a little different. We spoke to how the time of year will affect where you can go based on ranches being open, but you must also keep in mind that the DRA’s member ranches are surrounded by some of the West and nature's greatest wonders! National parks, famous museums, and historical landmarks lie all around many DRA ranches. If you are interested in visiting a specific national park, you can check here to see if there are any ranches around that area. You will also want to keep in mind travel distances and major airport locations. Dude ranches are not in the middle of the suburbs of Denver, CO or Phoenix, AZ. Be sure to take into consideration your travel plans when deciding where to go geographically. If you can answer this question it will most definitely help you to narrow the search. 

Yellowstone National Park Dude Ranch Vacation

Yellowstone National Park

3. What kind of atmosphere are you looking for at a dude ranch? 

This question may seem a little out of the ordinary, but it is important when choosing the best dude ranch for your group. The DRA’s member ranches can be grouped into three categories: luxury, traditional, and working ranches. Each of these categories represents a type of ranch atmosphere that you should consider. The luxury, resort-type ranches will provide a more, surprise, luxurious type of atmosphere. At these ranches, you will still find a sense of family and heritage, but you will also find original Western flair with luxury comfort. Luxury ranches usually offer more guided activities, high-end, luxury-style accommodations, and top-notch food. Don’t be fooled though, many traditional type ranches have some pretty incredible food as well! Traditional ranches are known for their family-friendly atmosphere and home-like feel. Horseback riding and activities for every age are abundant at traditional ranches. Hearty, homestyle meals and comfortable accommodations await you here and these ranches are perfect for any type of traveler: multigenerational family reunions, couples, and solo travelers. If you choose a working ranch you will find this atmosphere will put you right alongside the cowboys that work the ranch! At a working type ranch, you might move cattle from one pasture to another, ride and fix fence or gather the eggs from the chicken house all in one day! Working ranches provide the atmosphere that allows guests to live the like the cowboys do, but don’t worry they still offer great meals, comfortable rustic accommodations and the friendliest service in the West. Whether you want to relax at the spa or work alongside the ranch hands, the DRA has a member ranch to fit your desired atmosphere!

Lone Mountain Cabin Dude Ranch

Lone Mountain Ranch, MT

4. What activities are most important to the group you are traveling with?

This might seem like the most important question when choosing the best dude ranch for your group, and you are right! Knowing what activities, you want to participate in and experience while on your vacation is a must. Compiling a list of activities you are interested in will help you narrow down the list and ensure that your vacation is everything you dream of and more. If you are unsure of what activities are even available at a dude ranch, take a look at the DRA’s activity and amenity page. Here you will find some great information probably learn about things you can do at a dude ranch you did not even know existed! 

Three Bars Rafting Lodging Near Glacier National Park Dude Ranch

Three Bars Guest Ranch, BC

If you are still struggling to find the best ranch for your vacation, contact the dude ranch experts at the Dude Ranchers’ Association today! They will send a list of recommended ranches to fit your desires and can answer any general questions you may have about dude ranch vacations! Give them a call at 307-587-2339 or send them an email at and start planning today! 

Best Dude RanchesBest Dude Ranches

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