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Ranch Vacations for Experimental Travelers

More things to do than you have time for

Experiment for your next vacation and try a ranch vacation throughout North America. You may not label yourself as an experimental traveler, but wouldn’t you like to try something new? Ranch vacations have become an alternative form of tourism with the tons of adventure activities offered, starting with horseback riding. Destinations on offer activities for your group that you might see as experimental. Ever ridden a horse to the top of a mountain in a National Park? You could do that. Ever tried a yoga class outside at sunrise? Your travel companion might try that. Either way, you could throw an arrow at the Western half of the United States and pick the ranch closest and head there for your next vacation. Trust me, or rather, trust the numerous reviews on the interwebs that you’ll have great experimental travels. You might even want to come back the next year to the same ranch or throw another arrow.

You won’t have to sit around bored in your cabin or lodge room, unless you want to. There are so many things to do outside with equestrian sports, water sports and adventures that you would get board if I listed them all here. The adventure profiles of the ranches below would be a good place to start experimenting with ranch vacations.


Majestic Dude Ranch, Colorado

Open: Year-round

Airport: Durango

Activities: Horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, paintball, laser tag, white water rafting, archery, skeet shooting, baseball, snowmobiles, and ATVS

Swing up horseback and ride among the shimmering aspens. Follow the gold panning streams to mining towns of yesteryear. Breathe in deeply of the fresh alpine air or settle in and watch the sunset over Sleeping Ute Mountain. Get in touch with nature in the heart of Mesa Verde Country. The Majestic Ranch is only a 35 minute ride from the majestic town of Durango. Fish for trophy Colorado trout, share a horseback ride with your children and make memories to last a lifetime. The Majestic Dude Ranch is now open year round! Enjoy cozy cabins with tempur-pedic beds and hospitality this summer season.


Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas

Open: March 12 – October 29

Airport: Fayetteville

Activities: Horseback riding, rock climbing, indoor climbing wall, archery, skeet shooting, fishing, disc golf, ziplines, camp fires, swimming pool, canoeing, hot tub, rock outcroppings and cave exploration and wagon rides

The peaceful quiet of a beautiful Ozark mountain morning is interrupted by the sound of thundering hoof beats as horses gallop through the woods. The wranglers whoop and holler as they push the stock down to the day pen. The last pony is urged into the corral, the gate is pulled shut and another day at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch and an unforgettable family dude ranch vacation has begun.


Red Reflet Guest Ranch, Wyoming

Open: Year-round

Airport: Worland

Activities: Horseback riding on trails and in an indoor riding arena, swimming pool, tennis, climbing walls, zip lines, gym, personal hot tub and steam showers, ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, work cattle, fishing, yoga, hiking, skeet shooting, and rock climbing

Red Reflet is a ranch for the senses. It’s where a few hardworking individuals have mastered the art of hospitality to showcase some of Wyoming’s most breathtaking scenery and recreational offerings. Year round, guests can wake up in well-appointed luxury cabins surrounded by million dollar views of the red and coral-colored Chugwater formation sandstone cliffs and the contrasting blue and white snow-capped peaks of the Bighorn National Forest.


Averill’s Flathead Lake Ranch, Montana

Open: May 1 – October 15

Airport: Kalispell

Activities: Horseback riding, sailing, water sports, lake cruises, swimming pool, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaks, canoes, fishing, laser tag, tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, white water rafting, golf, and hiking

For over 65 years, Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge has been the ultimate location for fun family vacations in Montana.  The ranch offers the widest selection of family fun and recreational activities for one all-inclusive rate. Each day offers an abundance of activities for every age. Whether you’re interested in spending the morning on horseback and the afternoon on the water, the day is yours and there are more than enough options for the whole family. Quite simply, Flathead Lake Lodge offers the ultimate, fun family vacation with unlimited horse and water recreation for kids and adults.

 Looking for something new? Ranch vacations have become an alternative form of tourism for experimental travelers with adventure activities offered, starting with horseback riding.