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Dude Ranch Dining – an Incredible Experience

When some people think of a dude ranch vacation they picture a guy named cookie whipping up bacon and beans in the sagebrush. Sorry to disappoint but you will discover that dining at a dude ranch will be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation. Whether you are dining around a camp fire, under the stars, enjoining a pool side barbecue or sitting at an elegant candlelit table, the food is simply amazing. The fare will range from home-style cooking to the finest western cuisine you will find anywhere. Ranches offer freshly baked pastries and breads, fresh fruits and vegetables (often grown right on the ranch) and some of the most delectable desserts you have ever imagined. Your dining experience is truly one of our highest priorities; special dietary needs are always accommodated upon request.

A few of the DRA ranches that really stand out in the “Gourmet Food” category  are:

The Home Ranch, Colorado

4UR Ranch, Colorado

Tanque Verde Ranch, Arizona

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, Montana

Red Reflet Guest Ranch, Wyoming

A Bar A Ranch, Wyoming

For more info on Dude Ranches that lean toward gourmet cooking go to  click on gourmet food then click search. You will be amazed….

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