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6 Classic Dude Ranch Recipes to Try at Home This Year

Dude ranches are notorious for their delicious food and you're sure to eat well when you're vacationing at a dude ranch! While we wish we could have ranch meals made for us every week of the year, we've instead opted to try out these favorite dude ranch recipes at home. Keep scrolling and let us know which dude ranch recipe you want to try out first! V6's Parkfield Shakin' Burger What You'll Need: V6 Grass-Fed Hamburger Patty Montreal Seasoning  Cilantro Lime Jalapeno Yellow Onion (diced & mixed w/lime juice)  Shredded Jack Cheese Good Quality Hamburger Bun Chipotle Ranch Dressing Avocado Slices Tomato Slice Red Lettuce Leaf What to Do: BBQ hamburger preferably over oak, season w/Montreal, cook until medium-rare (or preference). Grill bun w/butter until toasted. While the hamburger is still on the grill add cilantro mix & shredded jack cheese to the burger. When the bun is ready add chipotle ranch to both sides. Finish top bun with avocado, tomato, & lettuce.... Read More
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