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7 Meaningful Ways to Bond with Your Family at the Ranch

Guests have come to know and love Greenhorn Ranch for an unforgettable vacation destination in the Lost Sierra. Families continue to come back to the ranch every year, not just for the memories, but for the incredible bond that it creates during their stay. Greenhorn Ranch prides itself on creating those little moments that the parents and children will remember forever. We know that in this busy world it’s sometimes difficult to find that connection to your kids. If this is something you’re craving, you’ve come to the right place. We think you’ll love these 7 meaningful ways to bond with your family at the ranch.

Greenhorn Ranch Bond with your Family


Of course this is first on our list! It wouldn’t be a dude ranch vacation without horseback riding. Hitting the trails for a family horseback ride will be the highlight of your day. We offer daily horsemanship lessons and ride assessments so rest-assured you and your family will feel safe on a horse. Horseback riding is a great way to explore the outdoors together and bring you closer as a family.  



We guarantee when you stay at the ranch that you will leave with a new mastered skill. Whether you learned how to horseback ride, catch your first fish, experienced archery, beat your husband in horseshoes, or learned how to catch a Bullfrog for our weekly Bullfrog Races, we know that there’s something special about learning a new sport together as a family. The ranch offers endless activities for you and the kids to enjoy.



Our world is busy these days and sometimes sit-down family dinners can get away from us. We think you’ll agree that a bond created over a sit-down dinner is one that the entire family will appreciate. We believe that dinner is the perfect time to gather together and swap stories from your day. Stories of horseback riding, fly-fishing, exploring the trails, archery, and various lawn games are sure to be on the menu. So sit down and let us take care of the meal – you’ve got a bond to form.



As you pull up to the ranch, you’ll notice your cell service start to weaken. That’s just the way we like to keep it here. We like to call a stay a Greenhorn Ranch a sort of “technology detox” for the entire family. Without the distraction of phones, tablets, and laptops, your family will enjoy all the activities that the ranch has to offer. We are certain that screen time will not be an issue once your little ones experiences the hands-on fun that we have every day at Greenhorn Ranch.



While you’re at it, let’s make some S’mores, too! We’ll provide the ingredients. If you weren’t able to finish swapping stories over dinner, our nightly bonfire is the perfect place to continue the conversation. Live music from our local cowboy, Joe, is always on the agenda. Be sure to sing along if you know the song!



One of our favorite family events is movie night, where we throw out some blankets, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a movie under the stars with the ones we love most. Pro tip: pick a smaller blanket so you’re forced to snuggle even closer 😉

Greenhorn Ranch Bond with your family movie night


Hiking and nature walks are a couple of our favorite activities on the ranch. This will give you a chance to slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Lakes, mountain peaks, alpine trees as far as the eye can see, and the crisp mountain air are all reasons why we know you and your family will love to explore the “Lost Sierra”.

Greenhorn Ranch Bond with your family trail ride

We invite you to come and strengthen your family bond at Greenhorn Ranch. Come and see why families continue to come back to our ranch every year and have made Greenhorn Ranch a part of their family vacation tradition. 

We know that in this busy world it’s sometimes difficult to find that connection to your kids, even on vacation. If this is something you’re craving, you’ve come to the right place. We think you’ll love these 7 meaningful ways to bond with your family at the ranch.

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