“I expected to do some yoga and horseback riding. What I did not expect was the opportunity to connect with other women, with the horses, the physical place and with my self. All this has been a wonderful surprise..."~  Paula N., Austin, TX

Like many other individuals Paula experienced something special on her ranch vacation that involved more than just a class. Being submerged in Western ranch culture for a week will take you on a journey of geographically beauty and connection with yourself and other guests.  Some of this will start in an instructor lead yoga class and continue on horseback, hiking, or wonderful wilderness silence. You may be an experienced yogi or just like to wear yoga pants, either way take a look at the ranches below to find the right amount of yoga balanced with ranch life. You may only want a couple of classes during your week stay or a full immersion week of yoga. At the Dude Ranchers' Association we hope your next stay will be just as positively exciting as Paula's.  Give us a call for more information on what you can expect. 307.587.2339  

Vista Verde Yoga

Twice a Week

Stepping onto the mat at Vista Verde Ranch will give you a chance to stretch out sore muscles and quiet your mind. During the summer and autumn months you can take your practice out into nature! Take a short hike out or hop on a horse for a easy ride out to the Wild Yoga hideout.  Once a week, Kelli leads guests through an hour long practice while the aspens rustle overhead. It’s an all-levels class so beginners are welcome to give it a try, and experienced yogis will enjoy the unique setting. For those who are a little less adventurous, we also offer a poolside practice another day during the week.

Mountain Sky Ranch Yoga

Twice Daily

Mountain Sky Ranch fosters an open and welcoming program for all ages. An experienced yoga facilitates group classes geared toward all ability levels, with two sessions daily. Morning sessions encourage the awakening and energizing of the body and mind in preparation for a full day of activities, while afternoon sessions are restorative and focus on stretching and relaxation. Each provides a great way to both start, and end, a day of activity.

The Home Ranch Yoga

Full Immersion Yoga Retreat

Now in its 11th season, the “Experience Yoga and Horses Retreat” is the ultimate girlfriend getaway to a beautiful ranch home in Colorado’s gorgeous Elk River Valley.  Adventuresome Cowgirls of all ages and abilities are cordially invited to join the Home Ranch for an all-inclusive, luxurious week of health, wellness and relaxation centered on horseback riding, horsemanship instruction, gentle yoga, healthy gourmet dining, massage and deep relaxation.           Save Save Save Save Save Save