True or False? Taking a wilderness pack trip is just taking a weekend camping trip with the family. False. A wilderness pack trip is easier and more adventurous. On a pack trip you can expect to have all the fun of camping minus all the camp set up, cooking, cleaning and caring for the animals. Leave all that to the professionals. Out there all you have to do is enjoy the freedom and solitude the mountains can offer.  Let your imagination run wild with all the things you can do and discover during the day when you are hours and hours into the untamed and secluded mountains of the West.  At night you will be closer than ever to the stars by your campfire.  Couple that with genuine companionship from the wranglers and guides and you are well on your way to spending the most memorable few days in the wild. Take a look at some of the top pack trip adventures you can find West of the Mississippi and give the Dude Ranchers' Association a call today to help plan your stay.

Pack Trip Collage

Absaroka Ranch - The Land of Mountain Men

There is a place in Northwestern Wyoming to the Northeast of Jackson Hole and adjacent to Yellowstone National Park that is the largest intact Wilderness area in the lower 48 States. By virtue of the Wilderness Act of 1964 this area has been set aside as a place where the only possible means of transportation within are by foot or upon a horse. Travel with Absaroka Ranch by horseback into this special country, home of many of the great mountain ranges of the West: the Tetons, the Wind Rivers, and the Absarokas. The scenery is nothing less than spectacular - crystal clear mountain streams, awesome snow - capped peaks, cool green river valleys.

The activities are varied and exciting - riding in search of wildlife: deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, eagles, bear, beaver; picnicking upon the Continental Divide; hiking into a patch of Rocky Mountain wildflowers as multicolored as an artist's palette; fishing for  trout in the cool, dark holes of the nearby creek. This is the land of many famous Mountain Men and many Indian tribes - an America past. But, unlike its predecessors, you'll enjoy the Wilderness in near luxury; clean, dry, spacious tents, warm soft sleeping bags, hearty and varied campfire cooking, and, be guided by some of the most experienced guides and packers in the region. The days are all yours in this Rocky Mountain solitude for fishing, hiking, flowers, warm sunshine, and evenings huddled around the campfire awing at the canopy of stars.

JJJ Wilderness Ranch - Roughing it in Style! The JJJ crew sets up each camp in a picturesque setting beside a river or mountain stream. The wilderness kitchen offers a protective dining-fly with wood stove where the camp cook prepares delicious, hearty meals for you to enjoy around the campfire. Expect to be surprised! Guests have spacious private tents with sleeping pad, waterproof floors, and screen windows. Portable showers are available for your comfort, although the more adventurous wash away the days’ dirt in the creek – talk about invigorating! JJJ provides everything for these horse camping trips, so all you need to bring is your sleeping bag, pad and personal items.  Out here your job is all play and no work. Vacation in wilderness luxury.

T Cross Ranch - 100 Miles to Self Discovery Adventurous guests want the T Cross pack trip experience. Whether you are a first timer or a veteran, the T Cross Ranch can offer a 100-mile progressive or an overnight trip to base camp. Pack tripping is about exploring, setting off alone in the wilderness, getting away from it all. But it isn't the wild places that you really discover, it's yourself. Somewhere between the late night crackle of the campfire and the morning's frosty sunrise, nature finds you and doesn't let go. T Cross offers a limited number of pack trips during July and August, so reserve yours today!

Broken Arrow Ranch - Fly Fishing Paradise

Montana is known for some of the best fly fishing in the world and the Broken Arrow Lodge is right in the center of fly fishing paradise. Imagine being surrounded by five famous Montana fly fishing trout streams, all with different fly action. All Broken Arrow's surrounding fly fishing rivers fish very well in early and late spring with very little pressure in any of the rivers. The ranch fly fishing guides are very experienced Montana natives who have been fly fishing on the water for many years. When they are not guiding, they are fly fishing. They are very knowledgeable about the entomology, the water, and the fish. Guided wade or float fly fishing is available on lakes, streams, or ponds. This pack trip is for anglers that want a real ‘River Runs Through It’ experience!