Family Travel Magazine wrote a great article about Dude Ranches being a great option for Spring Break.  Enjoy the article and know that there is a ranch for every occasion! While many of our spring break picks have involved beaches and warm weather, there are lots of other spring break ideas that may work better for your family.  One of the family vacations that I’m hoping to do one year is a dude ranch family vacation.  Most of them are located in gorgeous areas of the United States, and include lots of different activities including horseback riding, fishing, whitewater rafting, yoga, and cooking classes.  Events, meals, and activities are generally included in the cost of your spring break dude ranch family vacation! If you are interested in trying out one of the more than 100 dude ranches for your family vacation, the Dude Ranchers’ Association is where you want to start.  Ranches accredited by the DRA uphold a high standard of services and you’ll know that you are staying at a quality ranch. (read more)