Another great Arizona ranch compliments of the Arizona Dude Ranch Association.Reunions  2 White Stallion

White Stallion Ranch was originally built in the early 1900's and like most guest ranches, began its life as a cattle ranch. In 1940, Max Zimmerman of Chicago decided to move West and become part of the guest ranch industry in Tucson, which had over 100 ranches at the time. Max named the ranch MZ Bar Ranch and constructed 6 buildings for guests - complete with kitchenettes. The ranch changed hands again in 1948, when a governess to the Dupont family bought it and continued the ranch operation as well as providing housing for air Force personnel and their families. In 1958, Drew and Marge Towne bought the ranch and decided to rename it The Black Stallion after their favorite horse story. They quickly realized that the initials "BS" would be unacceptable, and thus, White Stallion Ranch was born!

In 1965, the Townes sold the ranch to Cynthia and Allen True from Denver, Colorado, which at the time consisted of 17 rooms, 17 horses, and 200 acres. By now the number of guest ranches in the Tucson had dwindled to 30 or so, and the Trues could see what the growth of the city was doing to these properties. They immediately began purchasing adjoining land as it became available, and the ranch grew to its current size of 3,000 acres. Cynthia and Allen dedicated the rest of their lives to the ranch and to raising their two sons Russell and Michael in the business. They succeeded, and to this day the ranch is owned and operated by the second generation Trues, honoring those same traditions of Western hospitality at White Stallion Ranch.