Wyoming Office of Tourism


April 2011

by: Heather Lee

Look no further than Wyoming’s dude ranches for a memorable family reunion. The opportunities are endless. Featuring abundant grasslands, spectacular mountains, canyons and deserts, Wyoming’s natural beauty is picture-perfect and world-renowned. The state is home to two national parks and two national monuments that draw tourists by the millions. Yellowstone National Park is known around the world for its hot springs, geyser activity and glacial ice forms. Grand Teton National Park boasts the jagged Teton Range Mountains with some peaks soaring over a mile and a half. Devils Tower National Monument is a stump-shaped rock formation that rises 1,280 feet. Fossil Butte National Monument features brightly colored fossil beds at the base of a bluff that rises more than 7,500 feet above sea level. Along with these noted landmarks are countless national forests and rivers that provide settings for the dude ranches in Wyoming.

“It’s all about history, hats, horses and Hospitality. Experience the West in true cowboy country.” That’s the slogan for the Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association, founded in 1926. Dude ranches, also known as guest ranches, are typically family-owned and -operated. They provide tourists the opportunity to experience life in the West. Horseback riding, fishing, hiking and cattle driving... see more at Wyoming Dude Ranch Getaways

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