The first week in August the Upper Canyon Ranch came alive with "Pink " as we sponsored a Casting for Recovery retreat. All of us at Upper Canyon Outfitters (UCO) were privileged to experience the weekendwith such a powerful group of ladies. The CfR retreat lodging and meal costs for a group of twenty-four women was sponsored by the Mt. Outfitters and Guides Association, through the "Big Hearts under the Big Sky" program. The group kept busy learning the fundamentals of fly casting, entomology, knot-tying and equipment basics, but most importantly, they spent time on the water practicing catch-and-release fishing. Casting for Recovery, founded in 1996, is a national non-profit support and educational program for breast cancer survivors.The retreat is tailored to promote and support mental and physical healing through shared
experiences and the learning of new skills. To learn more about this fantastic weekend go to the Upper Canyon Outfitters website!