Sometimes you just want to get away with your significant other, adult friends or even by yourself. Dude ranchers understand that and have set aside a few weeks of their seasons for just that purpose. These adult only weeks are usually during the shoulder season. This is in the spring or fall when there are fewer number of guests. This gives you a chance to experience the ranch on a more personal level. There are adult only luxury ranches, traditional ranches and working ranches. So grab a little time for yourself and come see some of the most spectacular fall colors from the back of a horse at one of the DRA ranches.

The easiest way to find out when these weeks are for the current year is to add all of these ranches to your saddle bag. This icon is found to the right of each profile. Click on view saddle bag. Below the chart of all the ranches there is a form to fill out. Under the comment section ask when their adult only weeks are for the up coming season.  This message will go to all the ranches in your saddle bag. They will respond accordingly.

See List of Ranches that offer Adult Only Weeks.