Visit the Burnt Well Ranch in New Mexico...

Our 2010 cattle drive schedule is posted on the cattle drive page of our website, but we wanted to let you know firsthand the dates and progress so far. The spring drives are: the Bonney Canyon drive April 25-May 1,  and the Kerr Ranch drive May 16-22. The fall drives are: Bonney Canyon Oct. 3-9 and Kerr Ranch Oct. 24-30, these drives also are beginning to get bookings.

On the cattle drives we camp out on the trail at least 3 nights, sometimes 4 or 5, depending on the particular drive. We provide you with a 'cowboy' bed roll, a 3" mattress made up with sheets & blankets and rolled in a tarp.  We have 'cowboy' teepees in case of inclement weather and there are also cots available, for those who are a little squeamish about being right on the ground. We usually make between 10 and 15 miles a day with the cattle and are in the saddle between 5-10 hours a day (sometimes more). We start early, are driving the cattle by sun up, and try to be at camp by early afternoon.  We take 10-12 riders for each drive. We have some brochures made up for each of the spring drives and would be happy to mail you one at your request.

Due to the overwhelming interest in our drives, as well as other reasons, we have found it necessary to implement some requirements for the cattle drives. If you are thinking about joining us for one of our drives, please carefully consider the requirements on our cattle drive page of the website as you make your plans. We would love to have you as our guests at Burnt Well, or along for one of our cattle drive. For more information please contact Kim & Patricia Chesser at the Burnt Well Ranch.