The Wrangler Certification course has been established to train wranglers/guides in the skills needed to meet the Minimum Horse Safety Standards accepted by the DRA certified ranches. This course provides the skills and knowledge needed to prevent potential accidents, and how to anticipate dangerous situations on the trail. Participants in this program must already have a good working knowledge of horsemanship skills. This is both a hands on and classroom experience. The course follows the material presented in the DRA Horse Safety Manual. The Wrangler Certification program has been very successful again this year: • 6 Ranches have hosted the wrangler training • 16 Ranches sent wranglers to be certified • 58 wranglers have been certified this year making a total of 247 wranglers currently certified. The Certified Wrangler Instructor Training course has been established to train instructors for the Wrangler Certification program. This covers presenting the material in the classroom and in a hands-on experience at the barn or on the trail. There are currently 58 Certified Wrangler Instructors.