Falling stock portfolios and uncertainty about the economy have spooked some consumers and added to the worry level of many others. More families are now looking for the best bang for their vacation buck. Value conscious vacationers are discovering that not only is a dude ranch vacation a good economic value but also that it is one vacation that is a natural therapy for those very day to day worries that seem to load us down. When you couple these benefits with the fun, adventure and relaxation found on a typical dude ranch, you get a hint of the underlying value offered by ranch vacations.

Many ranch vacationers find they very much appreciate the all-inclusive American plan offered by most ranches. Typical ranch vacations include your room or cabin, three meals per day, horseback riding, basic riding instruction, hiking, fishing, children’s’ programs, cookouts, hayrides, line dancing and most other on ranch activities. This removes the financial uncertainty of many vacations and allows the budget conscious family to know the total cost of their ranch vacation before they go. The Dude Ranchers’ Association requires full disclosure of all costs by its members. Executive Director, Colleen Hodson, states: “There should be no surprises or hidden costs. Ranch guests should know upfront the cost of their ranch vacation.” She points out that when any optional off-ranch activity such as raft trips, scenic vehicle tours, or visits to nearby rodeos is not included in the basic package, extra charges should be well publicized in advance.

Ranch vacations vary in price by the level of accommodations and meals as well as by the scope and variety of activities offered. Weeklong Ranch vacations range from under $1,000 per adult for more modest ranches to over $2,000 per adult for more luxurious ranches offering the widest variety of amenities and activities. Be sure to ask about children’s discounts and early and late season discounts. Check out this current list of ranch specials!