During these turbulent times are you looking for a safe but fun family vacation far from the worries of today? If so you may want to consider a domestic family vacation that has been enjoyed by countless thousands of families for more than 100 years. Western dude ranches are typically located in rural areas far from the events of today. For over a century weary city-dwellers have been seeking to escape the pressures of urban life and to find spiritual relief in the beauty and simplicity of the American West. Returning to nature and a 100 year old, simple, honest ranch way of life seems to wash away those unsavory layers of stress that have become an accepted part of modern life. A natural process of unwinding starts when guests first set foot on a dude ranch. It helps them to slow down and to begin discovering the wonders around them and even within themselves. Moving as one with your horse through a mountain meadow touched by the morning dew and alive with the brilliance of spring wildflowers seems to lift the spirits and heal the wounds of modern life like no amount of psychotherapy can. Sharing stories of the day’s activities in the warmth of a fading sunset as you await the dinner bell on the lodge porch somehow provides a perspective that is comforting and reassuring. Quiet talks on evening walks through the meadow help to bring families closer together than they have been for years. Today’s dude ranches offer comfortable accommodations ranging from rustic to upscale, excellent food, great horses, riding instructions for beginners through experts, good fishing, superb hiking and spectacular settings. Most include cookouts, hayrides, ranch dances, and excellent children’s programs. Many offer raft trips, cattle drives, rodeos, swimming pools, tennis and optional overnight pack trips. Home-baked breads and desserts accompany scrumptious ranch meals that satisfy hearty outdoor appetites. Enjoy nature and revive your spirit in an exciting but relaxed setting while making lasting friendships. Dude ranches offer a safe, homey atmosphere and are great for families, singles and couples. It is the vacation with something for everyone. Find your dude ranch vacation!